Understanding consciousness- Collective consciousness

 Anonymous (@) 7 years, 10 months ago

Imagine if human beings could exist in the most barren and desolate wasteland. With no need to eat food and no need to drink water. A reality whereby we were the only living organisms. One of two things would happen: 1) We would either all be good or 2) We would all be bad.

The presence of Nature (plants, animals, insects, etc), and our ability to interact with it, tempts us into either exploiting it or embracing its beauty. Some of Man’s greatest inspiration, enlightenment, realisations, achievements, works of art, technologies and our deep sense of humanity stem from our acknowledgement of the natural world as an integral part of our being. Thus if nature were not present, we would either be inherently good or inherently bad because we would have nothing to test our humanity with.

These thoughts were brought about from the notion that the Universe is attempting to understand itself through collective consciousness. However, it troubled me that even though my dog is a sentient being, he didn’t seem to directly contribute toward the Universe’s understanding of itself. But therein lies the answer. The manner in which we choose to treat nature reveals truths about ourselves. I have learned much about my humanity and about myself from how I choose to interact with my dog. He has awoken something so beautiful and humble in me that I wish I could convey it to him through words. But I (the Universe) and my dog (the Universe) know that this is so.

We often think that we are far superior to other sentient beings due to our immense intellect and thus are under the impression or belief that we are entitled to rule over them, but animals are merely our own consciousness testing itself and furthering its own understanding because we are all just one consciousness.

In no way is this an attempt to undermine the existence of the natural world. It is merely just a thought.

December 20, 2013 at 4:56 pm
Mr.Savage (8) (@LoneSavage) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

Without any natural world unfortunately us as human simply could not exist or we would be completely different than any current human could image (Good Movie Plot!), so not to be rash but this hypothetical question isn’t the best to explore cosmic consciousness. The universe is a miraculous and methodical vessel that holds us “intelligent” beings, whether they are earthly or foreign. The natural world exists around us so we can explore it to conclude things about life and so we can compare our realities/experiences to others. Nature is present because it humbles us and shows that not only are we not alone, but that we are gifted to exist in such a world where anything can happen.
Through living, realties of all living things interact, and though a being may not be able to respond in a way that can be understood, they are still impacted by that interaction. Following that, separate beings may have different results or conclusions from these interactions, resulting in a “good” or “bad” being. For example if a dog gets attacked by an owner of theirs, in the future they may be Hostile towards other owners; but that experience could of impacted another dog differently and he may be Afraid of any future owner. “Every action has a reaction” I think holds true to any statement, and to have a better understanding in life you must interact with nature in any way that suits you. Nature and our surrounding were given to us for a reason, we must respect that, protect it and explore more to better understand EVERYTHING.

Anonymous (6) (@) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

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