Using our global problems to fix themselves

Matthew (@ojai) 9 years, 7 months ago

I’ve been thinking about this for a little bit of time now and I felt compelled to start a discussion on this.

First and foremost, it is clear and it should be known the human world(not the world itself, the planet itself is fine without us) has a few major problems. Overall health, poverty, famine, over population; some of our biggest problems at hand. But how do we actually fix it? I mean, shouldn’t we have fixed it by now? Afterall these are our fellow humans. Maybe at a certain point we are going to have to understand “if you want things done, you gotta do them yourself” . So why don’t we use our problems as a stepping stone to solving other problems? This system, I would hope, is to only provide the essentials; food, health and shelter. It also needs to be very direct.

Let’s take Africa for example. Africa is wide reknown for it’s poverty, terrible health problems and not enough food or basic needs for survival. But if we have all these people and they really want a better live for themselves, I feel as if we should use play as the cards are dealt. What exactly do I mean? Well, considering we have all these people who work so hard just to survive, in countries with similiar problems, why not give them a chance and give them a job? Why not set up an organization where we all people who are affected by these problems are used as general laborers/helpers for benefiting others with those problems? They would be sheltered, fed, and made sure to get health treatments. So in this way we “kill two birds with one stone”. If we have all these people, give them a chance! We could supply food and water and shelter, in return they help better the world by aiding in construction of homes and, growing food, and just help wherever it is possible.

Right now we have far too many riding the bus and not nearly enough people willing to hop off and get their hands dirty pushing it out a ditch.

I’m not sure just exactly how this would work. I haven’t figured the 1’s and 0’s or the x’s and o’s, but I feel like it’s an idea to be shared, nonetheless. Africa is just an example, the same goes for all countries and clearly this would be something the person would have to agree to take part in.

I understand I was vague but the idea itself doesn’t need to be specific to get to the point. So let me know what you think, give me any possible ideas you have to add onto it? If you have any specific ideas, please share, though. I know we have the red cross and what not but I don’t mean that kind of organization, per say.

Also excuse me if this isn’t as comprehensible as I’d like, I’m struggling to stay awake right now haha

June 3, 2012 at 1:46 pm
Clare (88) (@mowgli1) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

I would like to know more about this, please elaborate… an idea about how we would go about this.

Muna (32) (@munmun) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

I love this idea! and I strongly believe in it

and to add to it, many countries in Africa have the ability to provide us with different resources. for example, fertile soil and suitable weather that can grow huge amounts of goods and foods that can then be exported to different parts of the world.
These only need [rich] parties to invest in them so they can get going!

the whole world works like that; each country and each region has something to provide to the whole world, something that it does best. some countries have money, some need it.
such as; the middle east for oil, asia for rice, africa for bananas?

you get what i’m saying? :)

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