Vegetarianism and Wasting Meat

 Emma (@emmaclaire)7 years, 7 months ago

This is for all you vegetarians out there. I know people become vegetarian for many different reasons. Some do it for animal rights, some for the environment, some do it for health, etc. I think being a vegetarian is great, but I have noticed something that a lot of vegetarians do that I REALLY do not understand. I have seen vegetarians pick pepperoni off a pizza and THROW IT AWAY. I have seen vegetarians refuse a meal pre-made for them and then that meal gets wasted. IF you are a vegetarian for animal rights or environmental reasons, is this not the worst mistake you could possibly make? It means that an animal died so that it could be thrown in the trash. There is, of course, the option of giving it away. But what if there are no takers? Wouldn’t it be better to eat it? What do other vegetarians do in situations like this?

February 16, 2014 at 6:58 pm
MonkeyZazu (1,865)M (@monkeyzazu) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

This reminded me of something :) One day my friend was printing off an ebook from the internet, and this ebook had like 500 pages in it. It was taking up sooo much paper. I was just like “Dude, your killing so many trees right now.” He replied back to me, “No I’m not. These trees are already dead. I’m just putting ink on them.”

One perspective of seeing this from is that the animals are already dead. Me throwing their meat in the trash doesn’t make a difference and isn’t directly connected to their death. It’s more along the lines of throwing away the money that was used to buy that meat in the trash, not the actual animal’s life. That was already thrown away a long time ago.

Ethically speaking, if you want animal slaughtering to stop, what sense does it make to continue eating the food made from them? That’s kind of like saying that you want cigarettes to stop being made because they’re bad for people, but yet you continue to smoke them?

Personally, even picking the meat off/out of something and then eating it is disgusting to me, in which I see and kind of agree with your viewpoint. Your already gonna be tasting the meat, why not eat the rest? But oh well, to each their own way of going about things.

Cece (5) (@cmae) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

How is this any different than someone picking off tomatoes or onions because they don’t like the taste? Every person is going to take their own stance whether its a participation factor or health factor.

For me personally, i choose not to eat death. The animal died and probably suffered in it’s last moments of existence, even without an emotional/empathetic attachment, why would i want to consume that sort of energy into my being? The energy does not resonate with my body at this point, it makes me lethargic and really creates a stagnant feeling in me so yeah, i would be one of those people to throw that garbage right in the garbage.

Emma (193) (@emmaclaire) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

@cmae, This applies if you are doing it for animal rights or environmental reasons, as I said in my original post.

I think the animal rights thing is obvious. You are not supporting more meat production by eating it. You are creating no demand by eating meat that is served to you, so if you do it for animal rights then wouldn’t it be better to show respect for that animal’s life by eating it instead of wasting it?

For environmental reasons, the list goes on and on. Cows produce methane gas, a greenhouse gas that warms the atmosphere. Pollution is given off by meat production plants. For every animal that food passes through, approximately 90% of the energy is lost. Even if meat may be cheaper, it took about 10 times the energy in food (probably corn) to produce the amount of energy you get from meat. Also, tons of agricultural land is being used to produce animal feed that could otherwise be used for human food and right now there are people starving in the world (a little off topic, but goes to show that it is a human rights issue as well). So my point with this is, if you are vegetarian for environmental reasons that means that an animal produced methane, caused pollution, and took up agricultural space just so that it would be thrown away. Like I said, eating it doesn’t produce any demand IF the food is already being served to you. So it doesn’t make sense to me why someone who chooses to not eat meat for this reason would throw meat away.

And anyway, wouldn’t you be absorbing negative energy through wasting a life by throwing a dead animal in the trash? Every person is different but, for me, I think it would give off much more negative energy to disrespect an animal’s life by throwing it away.

Riley (3) (@ForTheWind) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

I’m a vegan and I do not want to support industries that take advantage of/abuse animals. Refusing a meal that has animal products doesn’t necessarily mean that it gets wasted. I’m sure it goes to SOMEONE’S stomach, whether it be an employee’s at a restaurant that messed up an order or a carnivorous friend of a vegetarian. I can’t say that I know many, or any, wasteful vegetarians but that might just be in my experience. Throwing away a few pieces of pepperoni probably won’t make a large difference in the long run but I can see your dilemma. A meal wasted is a tragedy.

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