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It all starts with a vision. I cannot stress how important the last sentence is. VISION. We all need to have one. It’s what makes life worth living. A vision is a dream. DREAMS. They are a complicated subject to me, almost as complicated as the subject of what you believe in, in terms of your spirituality. When someone talks about dreams what usually comes to mind is what happens when you’re in a deep sleep. For me this isn’t the case. When you talk about dreams to me, the conversation will soon shift into reality. Do you follow? To me, reality is just a dream. If you think about it, without your brain you have nothing. Reality is just your senses creating a picture in your mind. Have you ever had a feeling where you woke up from a dream that felt so real and you couldn’t tell if it was reality or not? Reality is just your senses helping your brain come up with a picture to create a dream in your head.
Where am I trying to get with this? I’m trying to tell you to WAKE THE HELL UP! You go to bed thinking that’s when you go to sleep and dream. I’m here trying to tell you that’s wrong. Yes technically you go to sleep and your body goes to rest. But I’m talking about life here. While your body is awake, you’re sleeping on your life. Your life is waiting for you to live it. How are you going to do that? Dream.
When you dream, you have a vision. That’s why it all starts with a vision. When you dream, when you have a vision, deep down inside you that’s what your soul has been put on this earth to do. (Your soul is for another story this is about your vision.) If you think about it, what you dream about all day long, what you think about is actually what you desire. I’m here telling you that this dream, this vision that you have is actually REAL. Back again to the concept that reality is actually just a dream. I promised you that if you keep looking for the good, soon you will become the good. The same goes for your dream.
I promise you that if you keep looking for your dream, soon you will become your dream. The concept is that easy. You may not believe it but think about this. Your dream is happiness right? Yes your dream has all these things added to it (cars,home,money) but if you bring it back down to the most simplest form in your dream you are as happy as can be right? Now people like to believe that happiness is a highly elusive, impossible, unimaginable, hard to obtain entity. Again, I’m here to tell you NO. Happiness is not that difficult and quite literally happiness has one straight path to it. You just have to decide to be happy. But please don’t mix up what I’m saying about your dream. I’m talking about happiness. Happiness you can have all the time. As long you are able to grasp the fact that everything around you, with every single second that passes is right where it is supposed to be. It’s not meant to be any other way but how it is revealed to you at any point in time. Different situations, different days bring either to you a blessing or a fucking blessing. Because either good or bad there’s always a lesson or something beautiful you can pull out of it.
YOUR DREAM EXISTS. Your vision exists. That reality exists. As soon as you think it, BOOM, it’s practically waiting for you to reach it. THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS YOUR DREAM IS THAT YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT. You have to have faith in it. You must with all your heart, will, and mind must believe that it’s true. You have to remove every single thought that tells you otherwise. You must remove any type of energy telling that it’s not. You have to remove every single doubt inside you telling you that it’s not true. Now please don’t mix up the simplicity of happiness with reaching your dream. I’m talking about your dream, reaching your dream isn’t that simple.
You have to remove every single thought and doubt in your mind saying that your dream isn’t true Once you have that who can tell you otherwise? No one. Now the only thing stopping you from reaching your dream is you. It all starts with a vision. You can’t stop someone who knows where they’re going.
This vision has to be clearer to you than it is to anyone else, almost to the point that you can’t even tell anyone about it because there’s just so much detail and precision that only you will be able to understand it. I’m not saying not to tell people about your dream. Tell people about it. Talk about it. Not so that they know, but so that you know. Tell people so that your mind can keep on creating this picture in your head clearer and clearer everyday. Not everyone will want to listen but to those who do, cherish them. If no one fucking listens, it’s all good fuck them. I’ll listen to your dreams. That is my favourite thing in the world; people telling me their story, their dreams, their vision. Those who believe in your dream, keep them closer than ever.
Once this dream becomes clear as day to you. You will realize that it is your day and that it is reality. Everyday your body is done sleeping, and you “wake up” you actually dream. That’s why I said you DON’T go to sleep and dream. YOU WAKE UP AND DREAM. So go wake up and dream. Wake up and work hard. Don’t let anything stop you from getting that dream. The harder you work the closer you get to that dream. The harder you work the luckier you become to getting that dream. The harder you work the more your dream becomes a reality. Work your fucking ass off to make your reality your dream. Make your reality your vision. Turn what started out as a vision, your reality.

The dreamers are the saviors of the world
James Allen

February 18, 2015 at 11:47 pm
i4c1m2b (70) (@i4CiM2B) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

@gabsdt, I can see that you are very passionate about what you are suggesting. The ideas and concepts described in your post are all related to the principles contained in what is known as the “Law of Attraction”. There is a great deal of information on the web about how this process works. Your passion, combined with an understanding of LOA, will likely lead to your becoming quite proficient at turning your “visions” into your reality.

JustinDanger (41) (@JustinDanger) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

He’s right.

Some are Roses,
Some are Thorns,
Justin Danger

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