Vivid Dreams

 Angelic Star (@AngelicStar)4 years, 10 months ago

Do you ever remember your dreams? I do practically ever night. Sometimes they seem like nothing, sometimes people from my life are in them, sometimes deceased friends or angels are in them, and sometimes the future is in them. Like I said I have very vivid dreams and I remember them basically every night. Once in awhile I wont but more often then not I do and. I’ve had lots of different types of dreams as well. 

Let’s start with lucid dreams, have you ever had one? Do you know what it is? From my understanding its basically where you realize in the dream that your dreaming and when this happens your able to change things in the dream to what you’d prefer just like real life. Don’t take life so seriously, it’s only a illusion, a dream. Non of this is real only as real as you believe it to be. That’s why it’s so important to have positive thoughts and beliefs. Your thoughts and beliefs are what create your reality. If you believe life is a certain way the universe will confirm that belief for you by bringing you more experiences that are similar to that thought, that belief. It really is true if you want to change your life you have to change yourself on the inside like your thoughts and beliefs.

Back to my dream, so I had a dream and in it I was talking to my dad then my dad said something to me and I instantly thought, “wait a minute, my dad would never say something like that to me” at that moment it clicked inside my dream I realized I was dreaming. Pretty cool huh? I thought so! Anyways, once I realized that I walked into another room of the house and saw an xbf that i did not want to see so I started thinking about who I’d rather see and they appeared.  Shortly after I woke up, I wasn’t able to stay asleep to long after realizing I was dreaming. Which in lucid dreaming can sometimes be the case. This is just another prime example of how we are the creators of our life. I wrote about this in my last blog, please go read it if you haven’t yet! You create your life and it’s time to take responsibility for our thoughts, actions, lives and this earth.

So I’ve also had dreams that were premonitions. For example, one night I was dreaming I was driving my car and I was driving up and around a canyon. Then my car fell into the canyon and a friend of mine was in the dream and he was standing with me as we watched my car get pulled out of the canyon by a tow truck. Then I woke up, why? Cause it was 7:30 am and someone was knocking at my door. I open the door and its the security guard who patrols the condos. He informs me that my car is about to be towed because they were redoing the parking lot and i didn’t move my car on the day management asked. I started freaking out and run downstairs to stop the guy. He was a jerk off and took my car anyways. So then my boyfriend calls and I explain to him what happened and he informs me not to worry well get it when he gets off work and that he wanted to take a trip to Sedona that evening too. He’d never been to Sedona and obviously I love that place so I said sure. So we got my car out, got packed up and start heading towards Sedona. As we are driving I see a billboard with my friends name on it right as we pass the grand canyon. My friend that was with me in my dream his name is Sam Anderson and the billboard said Sam Adamson! Right then it hit me. I dreamt this. I dreamt my car being towed and now we were passing the canyons which was in my dream and a billboard with basically my friends name on it as well. Crazy huh? I love it when stuff like that happens. 

Ever dream about deceased relatives or friends? I never do except 2 months ago I did. For the first time I had a dream that had a deceased friend in it. It was my friend who I use to dance with when I was a dancer in Springfield Illinois. It was kinda strange because that’s never happened before and it was so vivid! She looked exactly as I remembered her except she was even more beautiful she shined. I believe that’s how we look when we pass. Exactly at the age we desire but perfect with no scars or flaws. Anyways, what was synchronicitic I thought was that she came to me at a time when I was at that place again. I was starting to do appearances at the strip club and a feature competition all to prepare for becoming a feature dancer which I recently decided to walk away from, divine intervention. I knew her from dancing and she visited me when I was dancing again which I hadn’t done in over 8yrs. Both times she visited my she had a message. One message was that I would recover something I had lost which the day after the dream I did receive my cell phone that I had lost but I believe this went much deeper. It’s been two months since the dream and now I see what I have recovered. I have recover my power. Stepping back into my power and out of victim mentality. For me it was trauma, trauma can cause us to get stuck in victim mode. Believing that we aren’t in control of our lives or our thoughts or anything for that matter but in all actuality you are responsible for everything in your life. How you feel, act, think, behave, etc…. Sometimes we think things are happening to us but they aren’t. Healing my traumas have totally changed my life cause even if your trauma was from childhood until you heal it you will continue over and over again to attract situation to trigger that pain and emotional response over and over. The other message she gave me was to share my dream about her with our mutual friends and I got this message because the second dream I had about her was me doing just that. I was at the club we all worked at together telling all our mutual friends about seeing her in my dreams. So the next morning I felt an urgency to share this with them for real and I did just that. This was such a beautiful experience and I am grateful for it.

So I have two more dreams I want to share with you. I have many I could share but I feel these are the most important ones to share. One is about angels and the other is about aliens(our star family, the guardians). If you visit my website or facebook like page or read some of my other blog posts you will see that I feel connected and work with angels and my star family. I have shared stories about why I feel this way and the experiences I have had with them both. If you have any questions about this feel free to ask me as I’m very open to helping anyone understand you is new to these topics. 

Next dream, being visited by an angel. I have had my experiences with the angels through my dreams, seeing signs messages and images in real life, feeling and being guided as well as having other spiritualist confirm for me that I am surrounded by a group of angels and one is Arch Angel Micheal. I work with many cause there are several but Arch Angel Micheal is always there and I’m grateful for that. He is known as a protector but he also helps and guides you with your life mission, your purpose. So back to my dream, one night I was upset and wanted to connect with my angels. The angels are always there but you do need to ask for the angels assistance, give them permission to intervene in your life, we do have free will. Anyways, I asked for his assistance right before bed. I went to sleep and he appeared in my dream. That night an angel with blonde hair and green eyes was in my dream helping me release the situation I was going through. You can say it’s coincidence but I’ve never seen an angel in my dream before and it just so happened that night I ask for help from the angels and one appeared in my dreams. I woke up feeling so much better then the night before, magic!

I saved the best for last, connecting with my star family. So if you have read my blog post “On our way home from Sedona” you will read about my UFO sighting. If this topic is something you don’t believe in I understand and it’s ok I’m not trying to force my beliefs on you. I”m just sharing my experiences and I did have a friend with me the night we saw this ufo(light) in the sky. Although I have many other experiences that contribute to my beliefs about aliens or the guardians or whatever you want to refer to them by. So please read that blog after this to hear more about this story if it interest you. Anyways about a year ago I had a dream about my star family. In my dream I went into this house and inside saw several different family member from my earth family. In my dream all my family members were out of it. They were all acting weird, like they weren’t conscious but in a trance. So I left the room and went to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom someone I knew who use to be apart of our family through marriage came up to me acting completely fine. She said “you’ve seen them haven’t you?” and instantly in my dream I knew who she was talking about the ufo and I replied “yes I have” and she gave me a big hug and said welcome to the family. I woke up after this and started crying. I’ve learned over time when a message comes thru from angels or my star family I always burst into tears. It’s the same feeling and emotion I get when I’m doing kirtan or yoga. Not tears of sadness but tears of connection a strong feeling of love, it’s beautiful. The thing about this dream was I hadn’t been watching anything about aliens to have this topic on my mind and actually I had this dream a few days before I flew home to visit my earth family. As well as this dream was 3 years after the sighting I had on my trip from Sedona. There is a reason I’m so passionate about all this spiritual stuff and I participate in the activities I do. I’m having amazing magical experiences and like I talked about in my article about spiritual awakening all this started happening for me after the start of my awakening back in 2011. 

All I can say is I’m truly thankful for these experiences and the connection that I’m continuing to deepen every day. It has changed my life and helped my let go of self sabotaging behaviors and beliefs so that I can continue to become the best version of myself everyday.

The universe is loving and has your back!

November 21, 2016 at 1:55 am
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