Vote With Your $$!

JonH (@IJesusChrist) 8 years, 4 months ago

When we speak of voting, we generally think of political elections. However, I’d like to bring to your attention a much more abstract concept of voting – that which you do every day with your wallet. Every dollar you spend is a vote to keep a company, person or idea alive. Without you and their other supporters, a company cannot survive.

By giving a dollar to one company you are supporting their business model, their treatment of employees, their methods of acquiring resources, and their marketing strategies. Most of all you’re supporting a paradigm — the way in which that company, person, or idea acts is ‘ok’ to you.

The foundation that made capitalism a useful paradigm to begin with – the ability to ‘vote’ for the most legitimate, ingenious and (ideally) sustainable companies has become the secondary to buying materials with the newest features, best software, the coolest look. Often overlooked are the companies behind the products. Easily forgetting that all these materials are extracted and assembled somewhere from and in our world.

We – the billions who partake in capitalism as a daily ritual – need to realize the power we have, both on a local level, and as an aggregate sum. We fund the governments and the corporations who build empires and explore space. In capitalism, the consumer is everything. Without our votes, no one wins! But with our votes, our collective visions can thrive.

More and more often our ideals and visions seem to be things with little monetary value but high social value, making them difficult or unattractive to ‘sell’. For instance, it is difficult to ‘sell’ a good cause or a charity. It is difficult to ‘sell’ simply being sustainable. But it certainly is easier to receive satisfaction from purchasing a new gadget than to support your favorite blogger, band, website, or charity.

We must learn to put aside the notion of buying, and instead transmuting it into supporting. Entities like Wikipedia, charities, research (MAPS), local artists, and people and groups that support community are depictions of what we truly want, and are thus more than worthy of our support.

When I think of Utopias, I do not envision shopping malls. I see a close-knit community with ample amounts of green and plenty of knowledge to go around. These things are difficult to ‘sell’, but easy to support. So I urge you — vote for what you truly want. Vote consciously, with your mind, body and soul.

Each dollar spent plays a small but integral part in dictating our future.

March 22, 2014 at 12:06 pm
Josh (213) (@reinvented2012) 8 years, 4 months ago ago

Couldnt agree more. Its big here in Colorado to buy local. All the stores love supporting local entrepreneurs and it really does feel good to support local as compared to buying from some big company or corporation.

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