Ponysparkles (@Ponysparkles)7 years, 2 months ago


In the midst of frustration and the anxiety that incongruous epiphanies bring, you’re alive and we’re walking, somewhere unlike here – bare – wholly void of everything.

A contradiction and contraction, these inseparable thoughts that intertwine to form your emotive mind – pieced together with words as a tether, attempting to flow against the grind.

Of life, of being, of and pertaining to freedom – of thought, of wishes, of a desire to alter that which is unneeded. Your effect is eternal – your fears unheeded.

Had the cards been dealt rapidly, no question as to position or blatant intention, felt with two hands comes the probability of absolute reason – a necessity for invention.

And with a bark of madness, turning wildly within the skull, a question for existence – unanswered despite persistence – though it welcomes you home without resistance.

And here we walk, mesmerized by the conscious reality and nature of duality – apart from this, and that, and the things that bind us – saving first our rationality before fear blinds us.

Let this remind us, in the eternal wake of the daily dream, the memory of our souls inflation – of that sudden onset of unexpected elation that guides us home to the universal mother, and source of our creation.

April 23, 2014 at 9:07 am
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