Warm invitation to discuss 432 Hz

Ricardo (@Ricardo-Rademacher) 5 years, 9 months ago

Hello brothers and sisters!


I’m here to extend a warm invite to a fantastic music theory


 We discuss all manner of things and in particular the benefits and harmonious
beauty that is 432 Hz tuning over all others.In this group, we are very open to
the ideals of using 432 Hz to cure disease, solve world problems, create a more
harmonious Earth and universe, and create a more harmonious society built on
the principles of love and acceptance.

Some topics already in discussion:
Healing by listening to 432 Hz and excluding 440 hertz.
Plant growth using 432 Hz.
How to use frequencies for healing and success

***** The only thing that I ask once you join
the group is that you post as much as you are comfortable about your own
personal experiences with 432 Hz.*****

  While many people talk about the benefits of 432 Hz for musical
performance, we are more interested in your personal stories of healing,
growth, success, and other benefits using 432 Hz.  You will find our community to be very open
and friendly to these ideas and you will find a novel and unique place in which
to share and grow through our shared experiences.

After your introduction, feel free to start posting immediately! Again, we are
really interested in your stories of how you have used 432 Hz to benefit your
life and even though the group’s name is “music theory”, anything related to
432 Hz is on-topic according to our admins so share, share, share!

So please accept this personal invitation into our almost
6000 member strong group.
We are very excited to hear your contributions and your stories about the magic
that is 432 Hz in all things, not just music!!!!!!  

February 25, 2016 at 1:11 pm
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