We dominate

 Anonymous (@) 7 years, 10 months ago

We dominate mountains, we dominate uncharted lands, we dominate space

In any human-animal interaction as a pet owner, you are always the alpha

We dominate speed and that’s why we enjoy beating speed records. People dedicate their lives to that

We dominate bulls in rodeos, we dominate chimps in zoos, we dominate lions and elephants in circuses

We dominate existence with our numbers and our attempts to understand it

We dominate livestock by butchering it, we dominate forrests by converting them into paper, we dominate crocodiles and snakes into handbags, we dominate other human beings by killing them, imprisoning them, by getting them to work long ours for us. We just came here to dominate and fuck shit up. We said no to living in perfect harmony 

None of this progression was necessary. None of it contributes to the planet’s or universe’s grand scheme to become better. We’re alive and existing and we don’t know why…

Like what does it mean to die? None of us will ever known until we actually die. Existence is such a mystery

So many people have convinced themselves into believing that they know the answer but no one will really ever know. The race between religion and technology. It doesn’t matter which one wins because neither will be the absolute truth. Nor will meditation, psychedelics, life living, those books written by experts, they’re all approximate answers and we pick the one we like the most. We conjure up this reality and its meaning

We just distract ourselves enough to make it to the finish line

Why are we clothed, why do we drive cars, why do we paint? There is truly no reason which isn’t ridiculous because none of anything we do contributes to the planet’s grand scheme. We’re just tenants

Why aren’t we just strolling through the savanna? Progress or no progress, the planet just moves on

It’s like my programming is faltering and I no longer want to believe this ploy. You feel it too. You want to jump atop mountains and dance around a fire into the night

To just exist in pure bliss until it’s over. To get high on life. Because deep down you know that none of this counts for shit

You strive for perfection so that you can die as the best you. That hopefully your life will be viewed as a success by other dying people. Beings scrambling to make sense of their own lives

We pitty people stuck in a vegetative state but whether they perceive life or not counts for nothing and the same goes for us. Our memories aren’t saved and used to better the universe

We go about our lives fantasing

Longing for something after this. Even rich people are religious. People who’s lives are the stuff of our dreams, but even they want something more after this

Some insects spend their entire lives maturing, only to mate and then die. We think that we were born here to understand existence but we don’t even live that long, some species of tortoise live longer than us. We weren’t born into this universe to understand it. What is this tease, this illusion of greatness? We’re just waiting for our turn to die

It doesn’t matter that unicorns don’t exist, nor does it matter that elephants do exist

It doesn’t matter that I’m the smartest man in the world and that I have solved the energy crisis

It doesn’t matter that I watch the latest movie or listen to the most awesome song

The human condition is chilling

We’re on our tiny planet doing seemingly important things

It doesn’t matter that you won the lottery and it doesn’t matter that you died at birth. Somehow we’re all existing at the same time. Best we make the most of it

The fact that some people die terrible deaths is testament to the fact that this all means nothing. Why can someone else get trampled by an elephant and killed by a bee. Why not you? It’s such an odds game. When will your narrative run it’s course

Why were you born as a human being and not a dog? Or are you the dog and everything else?

Imagine the possibility of extraterrestrial life. We wait for them as if they will deliver the answers to us. But we forget that they too will be trying to understand this thing we call life. So therefore we are all of it, including the extraterrestrial consciousness. We are everything that attempts to understand the universe.

December 10, 2013 at 3:08 am
agoldman97 (13) (@agoldman97) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

That was beautiful. Both in meaning and how it was written. It is true, we will likely never understand the true essence of life, but that doesn’t matter, so long as you enjoyed the time you had.

There is a reason that our quest for understanding is futile: if it weren’t, life would be meaningless. Our purpose in life is to look for our purpose. If we ever found it, there would be no reason to live.

Anonymous (20) (@) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@agoldman97, thanks for giving my thoughts a read and giving the time to reply. Much appreciated :)

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