Weight vs. Weightlessness

a Lotus Blossoms. (@ancientmystic) 8 years, 10 months ago

Sometimes I let the weight of the world bear down upon me as if I am meant to answer all the questions floating around within our sphere of curiosity. I wonder about all of the universal mysteries, the social and political turmoil, the human rights atrocities, and the general lack of understanding, compassion, and empathy that I see within society.

And then I look at the sky. I feel a breeze upon my cheek. I listen to the waves at the beach, calming, soothing in their consistency.

I gaze upon a tree, tracing its existence back to the seed where it began, imagining the growth of this being, unique and spontaneous, without thought but with understanding.

I look upon a hawk, tracing circles in the sky, and then my gaze floats past him, to the sky with its myriad stars, projecting my imagination out to infinity.

With all of the beauty around us, sometimes I wonder if it is beneficial to worry about all of our species problems. I wonder if this is the right approach. I wonder if by being a concerned citizen, if I am in fact consenting to the pressures which I am trying to abolish (within myself and thus in society).

Sometimes I wonder if its better to just be, to just be a human being, striving to be the most compassionate and awake being that I can throughout all my days.

I wonder if that is the life that will leave me satisfied instead of a life of worry and stress which is ultimately associated with a global awareness.

And then I feel as if this mindset would possibly waste my potential. I feel I have a great purpose to be found; rather, that a great meaning will be lived through my life.

How can I balance the need for personal peace of mind and also of activism, global awareness and striving to mend the many injuries that the human race is enduring at this time in history?

February 2, 2013 at 1:18 pm
kristin (1) (@nottheonlyone) 8 years, 4 months ago ago

i feel the weight of consciousness all the time. i don’t know the answer. i just try to stay awake, to stay in love with the moment. i once read that worry is a misuse of imagination. i know its a struggle, but its one i feel privileged to experience. we must stay awake to serve as a beacon, to awaken others- perhaps the healing is in that.

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