Weird tongues/speaking in sleep? Help

Jack (@Jackiswho) 6 years ago

Hey so here’s the story I have been meditating for a month or 2 now, ever since I had an amazing spiritual lsd trip I have really been getting it more, this past week I’ve not been doing it much as I’ve been busy and in a bad place still tried to fit it in  (I’m still young hard to keep it daily) anyway never had any ayahuasca before but was listening to an ayahausca frequency meditation and I definitely felt very different from this and it was  a good different though…anyways went about my day and then smoked a lot of ganj then fell asleep in my mates living room. Don’t remember any dreams however I woke up and they were still awake they said it was like I was speaking in tongues (language they hadn’t heard) aparrently I said mostly same thing over a couple of times saying my friends name for the 2nd last word ( who was there at the time) then I looked up at him and stares for a second he said it creeped him out, it kinda creeps me out too but I’m unsure what this means, am I possessed? Or is it something spiritual and something to be happy about? Only reason I believe this could be related to the ayahuasca meditation music is because I watched a YouTube video today and it was Terence McKenna talking about how he trips alone because when he takes crazy amounts of psychedelics he does it alone because he does crazy chants out of his control when he has spiritual journeys….thoughts?

August 7, 2016 at 12:24 am

Hi Jack. I wouldnt worry too much about being possessed but maybe look into “soul attachment” and while meditating next time ask your spiritual guide or angels to help you with detachment. On another note, about two years ago i took an insane amount of lsd maybe about 6 or 7 double drops and thats alot for me im a 5’4 girl. anyways, i remember my trip was nothing like normal trips it was almost more comparable to dmt and in a segment of my trip i was walking around a bathroom stall trying to figure out who was making this weird noise kind of like speaking in tounge and the next day my friends mentioned to me that i was making the same type of weird noise so it was me all along. just thought id share that it seemed kind of similar. 

Mirthful (13) (@mirthful) 6 years ago ago

Wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Speaking in tounges isn’t that weird, everyone begins speaking by doing it. When a baby is learning to talk, they start out by stringing bunches of nonsense syllables together that are actually related to the language the baby is speaking but aren’t really words. It’s called gabbling. There are a ton of videos of it on youtube, “baby twins talking” is my favorite but there’s plenty of them.

Anyway, when you’re asleep, your muscles are usually palalysed when you dream (to stop you acting out) but weed seems to screw with normal REM processes, it seems to supress it or alter it somehow. I don’t know of any studies on what’s actually going on but I think it’s a fairly common experiance. Even if you wake someone sober mid-dream, maybe they’re having a nightmare, sometimes they’ll gabble for a couple of minutes until their brain fully engages. So I’m going to hazzard a guess here and suggest you were drifting in shallow sleep and you might have been dreaming but you weren’t fully paralyzed. You maybe heard your buddy talking and your brain tried to respond without being fully engaged, so you speech came out gabbled.

I’ve also had the chanting urge while tripping, it might be the same thing but I think it’s something else. I think it’s a form of synesthesia, when the mental barriers are down, thinking about something can set your mouth to working, even if you’re just thinking about the weird shifting taps in the bathroom. Kind of like the way some people stick their tounge out when they’re writing. Just my impression of the urge mind, I have no other basis for that idea except my own experiance.

Jack (1) (@Jackiswho) 5 years, 11 months ago ago

Thanks for your response folks much appreciated it makes me feel much more safe about the whole thing and not worried haha :)

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