What am I going to do in my Life

 Light Yagami (@L.ight) 7 years, 9 months ago

Well, I fear most future . suffering , struggling , working etc I have seen these in my parents . my mom works 14 hrs a day and sleeps only 3 to 4 hrs . my dad doesnt work , he was ill or something. he is also suffering, my grandma in india looks after my brother ( we are in europe) , she is too old to look after my brother , there is noone else to look after him, my brother its been 6 years he didnt see our parents , they all have been suffering. I am in new place , new people , new culture , new language( not english). everything’s different. people all over the world are here to work. they hate immigrants . I have felt racism a lot in school . my parents are here just for us (bro and me ). if they ever wanted , they could to india and live peacefully, they sacrificed their life to us . here everything’s new , they want me to study hard and get good job (they dont want us to live like they are living now ), language is different , , it’s been 2 and half years I am learning language . still not learned.
what am i going to do after school , I dont know my goals , I dont know anything.
I am idiot. I become nervous around people , to pick up something i go around and around.
I study in 8th grade , I have only 1 year to give national exams , my parents think I will get good grades , they say that I have seen their hardworking, I am lazy , all I do is , staying in house, watching animes,,,,,,
in home everybody work , I am only one to eat , watch animes, relax, etc
and I feel terrible for that, I know that’s my stupidity , people say in future there will be great war or competition for jobs or anything, clever win win , honest will lose. I fear people gonna take advantage of me in future , in teen age I am too coward , dont know to do anything, dumb ,
my dad is slow , my mother says that I am also slow like him , she tells me to be clever, tells me to learn everything . I dont know to make friends . I make them bore , I dont even know how to keep conversation on.
how do you treat your friends (not like ” I treat them nicely ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,) how do you joke ,,,,,,, , ,, , ,, ,
I am not social ,
I know ,you are thinking that I am asking simple questions but plz this is serious
how to be social , How do you treat your parents , I am rude they say
can you give me your daily routine
what do teens do in age of 16 or 17
I cant get a girlfriend , I am not handsome like others , m ugly , lazy eye
How to enjoy each moment
and sorry for this long
plz read and solve my each problem

January 5, 2014 at 12:21 pm
Robert (5) (@kumerle95) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

Life is acually very easy. Try not to think about things too much. Instead just do them. Never be indecisive, you should always express your opinion. Decisions are good because they lead to actions. You’ll either succeed, or you will fail and learn from that mistake. And start working out. It has helped me a lot in my life since it can increase your will power if you stick to it. I don’t even need to metion health benefits and an appealing physical appearence that it will bring to you. If you want success stay focused and stay motivated. But whatever you do, alwasy be considerate and helpful towards others, it will bring joy and good karma to your life :)

John Cooper (5) (@John Cooper) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

I can feel your emotions. But ultimately, in life, if you want change then the first place to start is to change your “inner game”; your inner-voice. What do you say to yourself? What is your inner-voice? I suggest you should read a book about confidence. I can recommend you the book called Unstoppable Confidence by Kent Sayre.

I used to be not social either. My cause used to be that I cared of what other people might thought of me. You’re now 16 or 17 years old. Consider yourself lucky. The younger you are, the faster you can change your life.

I genuinely hope in a year you post an update how much your life has been changed.

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