What Do You Do? In 10 Seconds Or Less?

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We’ve all been asked the questions before “What do you do?”… and when you start to answer, the person you’re talking to starts to get that distant glazed over look in their eyes… You know you’ve lost them.So what should you do? Come up with a short and powerful “sales pitch” or what we now call an “elevator speech” – something short and to the point… AND something that generates conversation.It could be as simple as “I’m saving the world… one person at a time!” Is the person you are talking to going to say… “That’s nice… ” Chances are, they are going to ask you “how do you do that?”.

There is also a chance that they will be offended because you didn’t answer their question, but in most cases it’s fine.Now this is the key is, your elevator speech, how you answer the “How do you do that” question. Keep it short and simple.Some Ideas For Your Elevator SpeechCome up with the answer to “Why should a consumer/client do business with you instead of someone else?”Sit down and write as many reasons as you can think ofNow get serious and eliminate the things that everyone offers. In the world of highly competitive MLM industry, there are a vast number of pills, potions and creams, that all have the same result… lose weight, keep healthy, look good, etc… So really focus on what your edge is? What was it that got you excited when you joined the company?

You want to get people excited with your elevator speech.You may not at this point have anything left. So go to the Internet and start doing some research and learn more with your competition. All the time, keep asking yourself, “Why us? Why us?”Look up what other people have as their mission statement, their elevator speech, what they have written about their companies.Ask your past clients, people who use your services or buy your products. Have them give you feedback. Ask them why they choose you and your products or services.Also keep things in your clients perspective, not yours. Years ago, a salesman told me “You’ve got to buy from me, my kids are starving… ”

I told him he needed to be a better salesman and find better products. Prospects have their own problems… figure out to help them with their problems… they don’t care about yours.Don’t try to cover everything in elevator speech. Hit the highlights and then as the discussion goes deeper, if it does, cover the other points later. You need something pithy, short, and crystal clear.And don’t even think about trying to sell a negative in your elevator speech! You may know you’ve got the cleanest restaurant in town because the Health Dept.’s been making regular checks due to complaints, but don’t go there.Uses For Your Elevator SpeechOnce you’ve created your “elevator speech” or your “sales pitch” write it down, practice it so you can state it in simple, clear language, make sure that you know you’ve got it.What’s cool is that you can use it in other places as well. Put it up there on your website, make it the signature in your emails, etc…Carpe Diem!MarkP.S. Keep it short.

The collective attention span is short, and getting shorter.Turning Dreams into Reality!”The greatest exercise for the heart is reaching down and lifting people up.”

January 8, 2016 at 8:23 am
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