What does a man who never had eyes say when you ask him what does he see?

 miqeel (@miqeel) 7 years, 10 months ago

Of course he says he doesnt see, but how can he say what is this experience, if he never had that experience?

Its like trying to describe chocolate to someone who never had it. You describe the flavour to them in terms of the food they could have. Like milk, or cocoa, things that YOU think are similar to chocolate. You know that you know, but he doesnt so, does he?

When a person feels something new, like a born-deaf person, or someone who never walked walks, the experience is born for them.

So here is the question. What if when you die is because you are moving towards a new level of perception/experience? You dont know what it is. Imagine someone already is reborn. But they can only explain this in terms of what both of you understand? But you also dont have the experience of dying to be reborn? But this death may not be the death you know, because simply, its not common for this death to occur, so you dont know.

It is all very convoluted but I wrote that down and im a little stoned :)

November 28, 2013 at 3:09 pm
Aeronas (3) (@Aeronas) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

To answer this, we must first agree on how your reality is created. Right now you have five major inputs feeding you a constant flow of information based on an infinitesimal slice of the information there is out there in our universe alone. Without trying your mind organizes this information and paints you an existence that we call reality.

For most these five physical senses dictate how we feel, and we constantly try to alter and control the physical reality to better create an emotion we decide is what we want. And yet these emotions we end up feeling strongly dictate what information our mind uses to build this reality. For example, if you love something, say a particular make or model of car, you will be acutely aware of that car every time one passes, and yet you pass hundreds of cars in between those times that may as well not exist. This is YOUR reality.

So knowing this, if you have low emotional control, you will find yourself constantly fighting and forcing the world around you to make it how you think will create those feelings. The more control you have over your emotions, the more control you have over the reality you are creating yourself.

Now to get to your question, when you die you will not have your physical senses bringing information in. You can no longer listen to your favorite music or see the people you care about just to help alter your emotional state, and your reality will be purely built on the control you have over your own emotions. I feel this creates either a “heaven or hell” where you create the new reality you want or let your fear and anger create one for you.

As you said, just the blind mans lack of one sense creates such an extreme other reality for him, think how extreme your reality could be one way or another when death silences all five of these senses.

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