What has helped you become "better"?

Lexar (@Lexar-Flash) 6 years, 1 month ago

I frequent this site regularly and like the insightful articles. Like how it advocates creativity, critical thinking, and also developing skills like being “mindful” and a set of virtues or ethics.

You have to deal with negative, judgmental people in society, whether they are family, friends, who are about ego-status. Think it causes a lot of anxiety and friction amongst people, everyone seems to have an opinion and be an expert.Think the biases people have unconsciously make them react to things they feel uncomfortable with.

Fear of failure, loss, status, respect in the community. A lot of things I see are superficial interactions, and just jockeying for success, personal achievement (whatever that means). But a lot of this is subjective, I read self-help, explore Buddhism, there are no easy answers, or “quick-fixes” as much as we seek them. Each person has some sort of “identity” – based on interests (i.e sports, art, games, what have you), just wondering what are some tips that helped you along your journey?

Wondering who you chose as mentors and/or confidants (teachers, spiritual) Also, have overcoming challenges helped become a better person and develop better understanding ? Any practices that have helped you reach the goals you have set for yourself? What advice would you give to the younger generation to experience spiritual growth and develop themselves to the best of their potential? I understand you might come  from different backgrounds, and am interested in hearing a wide array of ideas.

Thanks for your input

November 25, 2015 at 9:34 pm
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