What is the strangest (paranormal) experience you’ve ever had?

Jordan Bates (@bashfulkoala) 4 years, 6 months ago

I’m curious to hear about experiences people have had that seemed like paranormal experiences suggesting the existence of spirits, ghosts, psychic phenomena, or other things not presently contained within our prevailing scientific understanding.

Here’s mine:

Background: My grandfather passed away close to a decade ago. He was an Iowa state patrolman. His patrol car number was 111, and members of my family have claimed to see the number 111 pop up at very strange times, in ways that feel like more significant than mere coincidence.

A few years ago, I was driving on an Iowa two-lane highway, heading to a city a few hours away to visit a friend. I was kind of spacing out, driving on autopilot. Suddenly, I noticed that my speedometer and odometer dials were spazzing out, shooting rapidly from the bottom to the top of their respective spectrums. This never happened before or after. Needless to say, it jarred me out of my autopilot driving, and when I looked around, I saw that it was 1:11PM and that I was exactly 111 miles from my destination on my GPS. I felt my skin tingle as I realized how inexplicably synchronicitous this occurrence was.

My dad suggested that perhaps my grandfather was getting my attention because I wasn’t paying enough attention and perhaps was going to get in an accident—that he was still out patrolling.

This was the most paranormal experience I’ve ever had. Apart from that one, I’ve seen 111 at other odd times, but nothing that comes close to that experience. I’ve also had quite a few experiences that suggest that some forms of psychic phenomena exist—that people can telepathically intuit each other’s thoughts. And I’ve spoken to a few people who have had experiences much stranger than mine which suggest the existence of beings most of us cannot usually see.

I remain agnostic as to the Final Answers to these questions, but I find them fascinating to consider. So I’m curious:

What are the strangest, most seemingly paranormal experiences you’ve had? 

December 27, 2017 at 6:06 pm
Manimal (2,998) (@manimal) 4 years, 5 months ago ago

Wow that’s a crazy story. What are the odds of those numbers? Damn.

I’ve had a few experiences of this nature. Most were when I was a kid though, so I don’t remember the details too well.

The one that had the most impact on me was pretty recent though. Late summer last year, around 2 at night. I was staying with my parents for a few weeks in this tiny village in Sweden.

I went down to the kitchen to get some water before going to bed. As I got down the stairs and went down the hallway, I saw something appearing in front of me.

It was this almost human figure, but pale with mad, yellow eyes and a really long tongue. Like a meter or longer. It had this wild, amused, taunting look on its face and let out a sinister chuckle. It made me flinch, but I tried to just ignore it and conjure good energy. It seemed surprised and disappeared.

I drank a glass of water, had a little snack, and turned out of the kitchen. Suddenly I heard all these crazy crow/raven noises, getting louder and louder. I knew the sound was all in my head, and intuitively understood that something was trying to break in. Or back in. It really scared me, but I pushed it all aside and went to bed.

This was during a period of time where I didn’t use any drugs, barely drank, and slept well most nights. But I had been having a lot of nightmares for a month or so, and was working on some heavy personal issues. The month before I had mescaline almost daily, and ayahuasca a few times, but I never experienced anything that felt as “real” as this demonic figure. Although I had felt a very dark mysterious presence at times.

After this encounter, I felt better than I had for weeks or longer, like some unseen weight had been lifted. And the nightmares stopped. For a week or two after, I kept feeling a bad presence, like something was watching me. Once or twice I heard strange, unreal noises too. But nothing since.

It really felt like something dark and parasitic was haunting me.

chukchachacha (5) (@Found) 4 years, 5 months ago ago

I had one weird experience in childhood, and I am very curious if anyone would have any thoughts actually. When I was about 4 years old, I had a very high fever at night, and I fall asleep. I remember clearly that I had a very intense sleep, I fell of the bad, was seeing some colors, it was weird. And the next morning, I woke up running to my grandmother, in this stuttered manner, telling her that I remembered everything, and that they are not my family, that I was from Chaldea, I gave my name, my family story, explained about society, what we were doing, told some crazy words, etc. My grandma thought I was going crazy. She called and told my grandpa, and he asked her to write down every single thing I am saying, and that chaldeans were an ancient civilization etc.etc. i dont remember telling any of the stories, i dont remember anything. After a few hours, actually i forgot everything, but grandma remembered. I told her I was raised by an older man, and we were slaves, and we were carrying huge rocks, it was bad. At some point, some war broke out, and a guy took me to some hill (kind of like a desert hill), and told me to run away. And I did run. this is something that has been very interesting to me. nobody has ever mentioned chaldea ever for any reason, its irrelevant, and its not something i could have watched on TV either, as we lived in 90’s georgia, electricity 3-4 hours a day, 4 channels repeating the same programs. I want to somehow go back to that memory

Tod Bothom (1) (@Tod-Bothom) 4 years, 5 months ago ago

I wasn’t aware that anywhere in Georgia only had electricity for 3 to 4 hours a day by the 1990’s. Most of the state was fully electrified by the end of the second world war. But I digress, as far as your experience goes I would not be surprised if your fever somehow triggered a memory from a past life, or maybe allowed you to see what is happening in an existence that you are living simultainiously with this one. One of many that we all live in a multi-verse. Who knows? It is interesting.  

Metacat (2) (@MSHB) 4 years, 5 months ago ago

@Tod-Bothom – I think @Found was referringto the country of Georgia, not the state. I may be wrong, but that makes the most sense. Is that correct, @Found?

I’ve been lurking here for a long while but signed up just to reply to this one. I’ve had many paranormal experiences, and don’t even know which one to relate. I guess I’ll start with the first one.

I was 8 yrs. old and kind of precocious, so I undertook a comparative study of religions to find the “truth”, lol. My parents were atheists and I was born believing, but had no training at all in religions. I asked for a sign of some sort during the week I studied the “right” religion. During the week on Catholicism, I came awake in bed one night (yes, I am sure I was awake!) and saw a huge man standing aginst my bedroom wall. His head went all the way to the celing, he was dressed in a Roman toga, black with gold dental trim, he had shoulder length golden curls and held a sword point up in his hand. Telepathically, he told me to look out the window, where I saw an image of Jesus a long way off, coming towards me at a fast rate. I was told telepathically that when he reached me I would die, so I dove under the covers and stayed there for a long time, terrified. This did not make me Catholic, since my parents constant harping on how the Catholic church ahd done more to harm the progress of humantiy than all the dictators in history had a stonger influence on me. I did tell my two best friends, who were both Catholic, what I saw, and was amazed when they told me I’d seen the Archangel Michael.  I only had a secular idea of angels and thought they were fantasies of tiny flying figures all in white with wings. My friends showed me a card with a picture of Michael, and I was shocked to see the same “man” who was standing in my bedroom, in the same stance with sword pointed upwards. Since then, I’ve had a more open-minded stance towards the Bible and feel it may be mostly an actual account after all, but of things we completley mis-interpret, since any far enough advanced technology would be seen as magic by primitives liike us. 

As an adult, I’ve also had several detailed lucid dreams of past lives and after doing lucid dream meditations,  at age 20, I was able to conjour up myself from a previous life by operating on her body as if I were a surgeon and bringing her to life, sat down and had a long talk with her, in which she explained that whole lifetime to me. My first reincarnational dream ouccured when I was 13 and had never even heard the word reincarnation, but like the others, it happened right after I had met someone in this life whom I recognized in the dream as having been a part of my past life, though they looked different. (When I say  “past”, I mean the way we see time on earth, though time really does not exist). I told my parents, who explained reincarnation to me and told me some people believe in it. After the 2nd experience at age 20, I asked a friend who told me to read Edgar Cacye, I did and found that Cayce had said we usually have this type of dream right after someone in the life we dreamed about had come into our lives now. These experiences also validated for me the idea that the same players recur in our lives, playing different roles.

I much later realized I am an empath, and after becoming seriouisly ill as an adult, my abilities expanded, and I have channeled people’s dead relatives, and in emotionally charged situations have read people’s minds, seeing a clear picture displayed on their foreheads as to the truth if they are lying. This has unfortunately had the effect of causing me to isolate myself a great deal, as protection against absorbing negative emotion and due to disgust. I wish I could do it at will, so I could use it to help people, but it either happens or not, and i cannot seem to control that, at least not yet. 

I’d better stop now, as I’ve written a book. 

Hans (303)M (@M4G1C-LOG1C14N) 4 years, 5 months ago ago

not intoxicated: I once was biking home (from shopping or something). I felt a huge presence above me that was watching me and was benign towards me.

intoxicated: I was once visited by another entity / consciousness, felt like the wind was talking to me. It caught me mid-sentence and said (intentionally, not verbally, it was a transmission of pure meaning) “be silent, I am the Breath” – at that moment I was syncing with my surroundings 100%, presence level over 9000.

not intoxicated: I was oince sitting at home and there too I felt a presence. It was midday and I was folding the laundry. I said “if someone is here, please make a sound” – and surely, 0,5 seconds later, I heard a chrystal clear “ping” sound in the corner where my mother had all her blue glass collection. cool question! :)

Maria Harmon (0) (@MariaHarmon) 4 years, 5 months ago ago

hmm, maybe in the country, when I have to do pump recovery

J. (2) (@jennaydoesntloveyou) 4 years, 4 months ago ago

I used to have many dreams that at first seemed random, but later actually happened in reality.

I once was in a cabin and dreamed there was a woman weeping next to my bed. It wasn’t in any way creepy, she just seemed genuinely sad and I felt her sorrow. The next morning I walked downstairs right as the phone went off. There was a woman on the phone, telling my mother that her husband unexpectedly died that night of a heart attack.

Another time I dreamed a friend of mine was in the hospital (we hadn’t talked in 4 months, and he wasn’t really on my mind). In that dream, some doctor told me that he might die if he keeps doing drugs. Worried, I texted my friend the next day, asking how he’s doing. He said he just got back home from the hospital, he’d overdosed on something.

Those are just two examples of many incidents. I enjoy having those dreams because they make me feel like I am connected with what is happening around me during waking life.

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