What is Wrong

With the world. 

Lots can be considered rather fucked up. It’s not like trauma is a rare experience, although it’s treated like that in the “mainstream” gawking at car accidents like it’s something new or fascinating. I suppose it is, if these kinds of intense experiences remind you of what life or death could be, makes you question things. Yet, this world is filled with trauma and emotional weakness. Yet in the face of all that there is so much avoidance that keeps it thriving right underneath. People walk on a path of thorns, yet look at the sky. “think happy thoughts” Yeah, and deny all the things that you find wrong. It’s good to question the morality of things, and often, pain tests who you really are and are willing to become. Fragility is a no virtue. Innocence cannot be lost. Fear is useful to avoid pain. but what can anyone learn from any of this? Just be okay and do what you can do, right? Deal with things in the moment, help in the way that you can. Baby step by baby step.

September 24, 2016 at 4:46 am
Clem (0) (@Clemtide) 6 years ago ago

When you ask “what can anyone learn from any of this?” are you reffering to the people that you described or anyone in general? I am not sure what you are asking and i would like to understand :)

mothworm (0) (@butterflyworm) 6 years ago ago

Anyone in general. I’m trying to ask, that in the face of all these real and painful and life questioning things, what lessons are we really supposed to learn? A lot of people get stuck in post traumatic stress, and a lot of people seem to be “coping” with their daily lives and only doing what they can and focus on immediate survival and personal gratification for themselves and their families. There is nothing wrong with this. But why are people powerless to the “forces that be” Why is it so easy to look the other way when something traumatic happens to another person? Why is it so easy for people hurt each other in the first place? If people had larger scale thinking and problem solving skills, if people were empowered, if they cared, certain severe things wouldn’t happen, at least not as often. I’m saying that everything that happens on this earth is everyones collective responsibility, but how can people with the emotional maturity of children, or people that are in situations where they really can only work to survive or take care of themselves and their families, take real responsibilty?  It seems so hopeless. What can we learn from our day to day situations, when you have considered the worst alternatives and the best. Why can’t we largen our scale of thinking to consider what actions we can take to impact the world in the most positive way possible in our societies and earth? and if people aren’t doing that, does that mean it doesn’t even matter? What can we learn from the pain in this world? Is it something that even matters?

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