What is your appetite for HighExistence like and why?

 Matthew (@ojai)7 years, 10 months ago

Having been a member of this site for a good amount of time and having lurked even longer, I have noticed a few things I would like to discuss. I believe many people can agree that most folk are here because HE provides a place where one can better themselves in many many ways. The content, the other users and all things alike create a great environment to learn. Raise your consciousness, learn something new, get advice…all that good stuff that we all enjoy so much.

The reason I made this thread is because I want to get feedback on why the users of this site come back to it consistently (or why not) and to find out how you all feel about it. @grandkintaro777 inspired this discussion after I read a post in which he said he visits purely out of apathy anymore.

I have noticed that a lot of users, whom are very consistently involved in the discussions, sometimes go from dedicated in their approach to make the most of this medium provided to kind of joking trolling and even at times mocking others. Is that what you are here for? This community is a great place. Let us not forget how much we can learn from the site and every person involved.

So…what is it like for you, reader? Do you visit HE with similar excitement and eagerness as when you first discovered it or do now find yourself sort of just gazing apathetically? Why? Is there something in specific that turns you away? If so, what would change that way of thinking? I’m genuinely curious.

Maybe this discussion can serve as a refresher to some.

November 14, 2013 at 9:24 am
vivaciouslyv (24) (@vivaciouslyv) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@ojai, I adore this website. A friend introduced it to me when I wasn’t fully open to it. Later an ex introduced it to me (when I once again was not ready for it). A few months ago I decided to explore the website instead of just the recent discussions.

I look at the site a few times a day (briefly to check the recents, then more in depth). I love most of the posts and feel that I can always find answers or advice for problems/ideas I may have. I try to lend my voice where I can but enjoy observing the conversations much more than joining them.

Anonymous (107) (@) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

I come here because I can’t think on my own the way I would like to yet. Also, sometimes I have something helpful to share, and the open minds have more imaginative senses of humor. @ojai,

Ellie (1,363)M (@tangledupinplaid21) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@ojai, Mine comes in phases. I’ve been here over 2 years and it seems like it’s been a steady ebb and flow of me being on a lot for a couple months and then not coming on much for a couple months. It was pretty ridiculous at first how deeply I’d bury myself into the ideas discussed on here and philosophy in general and then get fed up with it and swear off, only to come back, rinse and repeat. I’ve calmed down now with it and it’s not so extreme. It used to be a lot more personal, people discussing directly with each other, now it’s kinda more generalized and you can get a lot of different view points but less personal conversation in the threads. That is cool in it’s own way because you get varied perspectives.

I do find myself coming here out of habit sometimes. The threads get boring to me, because too much of any good thing can become bland. In the same way a book that is amazing and inspiring to me one day will be impossible to absorb the next. My interest in HE all depends on the mood I’m in, the subject matter of the active threads, and I definitely don’t always comment.

There was a weird phase HE went through where everyone was being really cynical and sarcastic to one another, it made me wanna back off for a while, I’m glad I haven’t seen as much of that… One thing I can always appreciate on here and keep coming back for is the personalities. Whenever I read through threads there’s always at least a couple people participating that sound like people I would love to be friends with.

Cpt (379) (@CptSleeze) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

I am on here most when I have a moderate amount of free time. This allows me to read and fully comprehend and gain insight in the perspective and wisdom from where the post came from. I often have something to contribute, but more often I listen and learn. Aside from the forums, the blog posts are rarely short of brilliantly explicative and insightful.

I suppose what brings me here most is love. I love you, I love me. If anyone needs the slightest help, my love for them creates the yearning for me to share/comment. I have also noticed I want social acceptance, I WANT people to hear me, I WANT to talk. I do try to decrease this need for acceptance (if I post something I may check 5 times that day for someone to understand and accept me via a like or a reply) But I do not believe this should be the focus, so, often I turn to listening.

This 2 minute excerpt sort of explains me wanting to be understood. This lady, from the movie waking life which you have to see (its short stories of philosophical and scientific wisdom), tells me that most of speech is just wanting to be accepted, wanting to be understood. I feel this is a large drive for most people on this website. For, if they try to talk with their loved ones like their parents, they are often met with massive walls, cynicism, and doubt. So they seek acceptance from like minded individuals.

Anonymous (21) (@) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

I like it here because I find like-minded people here. People I can relate/help/share. In the first weeks I got a little addicted. Would be around all day. Now I come searching for stuff I want to talk about, usually end-up digging very old topics. Also found something amazing and out of my expectations. People :ppp. Nice to talk to people and hear what they have to say, to befriend people. Lots of possibilities HEre.

Anonymous (0) (@) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

I was apathetic from the beginning visiting this site and apathetic to a lot of stuff outside the internet. I’m just a apathetic person, not apathetic to the point I don’t care about people suffering or being a slouch, I’m empathetic to people’s pains and I care about working hard to better myself for my own good. But to others and friends socially I’m very “on the surface” with them. I’m sure some of you guys understand this.

High existence is a great place don’t get me wrong, people here can break my “surface talk” in real life by having the conversations you see here on this website, but words on the screen do little justice for me personally. I read learning something new and seeing different perspectives on things here, but it doesn’t mean I raise my eyebrow much.

Shady Giorgio (30) (@giorgioknolege) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@ojai, I visit the site usually daily but i do many times not visit for 1 week+. I sometimes find my self bored so i just browse the pictures section for cool pics and i try to find a discussion that Interests me or catches my eye. so yeah its not like in the beginning whnen i would come here because i fel connected to the people and felt like i belong in this small community of smart individuals, it made me find a place i can express what i feel freely with out having to explain my self too much, because outside of this website many people don’t see what people in this site see in the world.

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