What is your way of dealing with anger and frustration?

J. (@jennaydoesntloveyou) 4 years, 7 months ago

Hello everyone, and thank you for clicking on this thread. The title pretty much tells it all.

I would say I’m a quite patient and understanding person, though in some instances, due to fatigue or stress, I tend to overreact. I feel hurt when the other person did not intend to hurt me, or I get angry at things so little that they don’t matter. While it is completely natural to not always be in a great mood, I would like to hear your methods of calming yourself in such situations. What do you do when something upsets you? 

I have found, for example, that it helps to take a step back, maybe even leave the situation for a moment. When I am calm, I will gently confront the person concerned and bring the topic up (I was a bit disappointed when “…” happened…). 

I feel like ever since I quit smoking, there’s one major coping mechanism missing from my inventory, so I’m looking for new ways to cope! Thanks in advance.

February 11, 2018 at 2:54 pm
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