Whats your typical day look like?

rohit (@rohit1084) 7 years, 5 months ago

Curious if people have a typical routine. I don’t really have one other then going to work.

August 5, 2014 at 5:05 pm
Ponysparkles (196) (@Ponysparkles) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

I just realized that I had way too much time to write this this morning. Though, Can’t complain about a slow day, eh?

See, I’ve known a lot of people who have the ability to just go with the flow of their life. Even my SO is this way after our few years together (which I guess is a plus in retrospect), and I can see where it benefits him.

I’m the type who has a general plan. A certain routine that always takes the same amount of time, no matter how it gets jumbled if something has to be smashed between. I suppose I’m very time conscious (and I’m meditating to shed this burden), so I do specific things that I know work, I won’t fail at, and can be measured… productivity wise.

I wake up abruptly, not sure if my muscles are just sore or if It’s that shitty time of the morning again. A week day. Again, my phone alarms didn’t go off, even though I set them and tested them the night before. Still, I woke up at 6am anyway, so no worries. I carry my phone to the back door, grab a smoke from my pack and step out onto the back porch. I’m facing south, so I don’t really get that grand of a view of the sunrise as I’d like, but the tall trees and nicely mowed back yard suffice. Little birds are chirping, the occasional car thumping music so loud I feel it in the concrete beneath the porch… fucking annoying. Anyway, I sit crosslegged and continue to smoke my cigarette, clearing my mind the best I can.

Wandering in to the bathroom, I do my business and take a look into the mirror. Curly and oily hair has a tendency to kink up when you sleep on it, and my hair is definitely looking like the rocky mountain skyline. I get it wet, towel it, scrunch a few spots and, yes, good to go. Brush my teeth, observe my teeth and care too much about the slight overlap of my two front teeth. I should have worn my retainer when I had the chance.

I meander out and open the kennel door. Prince, a caramel-colored american pit bull and total ladies man, greets me with a few tail whips in the leg and I take him out to his chain. He barks at a few rabbits, does his business, and we hop inside for some food.

My SO wakes up and hops in the shower. I roll a few smokes and load up the container with some leaf before I shove them in my bag with the battie and kick my feet up to relax. All dressed, we head outside the car and bitch about stupid drivers during the trek to work.

“Hello, my name is Ponysparkles, can I start gathering your name and phone number?”

I help some elderly people assemble a filter to a pitcher, and, before too long, a self-entitled piece of shit calls in demanding refunds on a purchase over a year old. I’m told how the company should work, and what should be changed, and what they deserve for their hardships. And I sit there in my chair wondering to myself… What would happen if I met these people in real life and could actually TALK to them?

Lunch comes. Hit the battie a few times. Chat with my SO (we work together), feeling good that there’s only two hours left.

Works out, traffic is busy, but only a ten minute drive and home is waiting. Let prince out, smoke a bowl and enjoy the afternoon sun as it drops behind the trees. Eat some food because not only is it a necessity, it’s a guilty pleasure.

Flip on some Supernatural on Netflix and waste the night away on the couch until it’s time to crash. Realizing I need to shower, I pop into the bathroom and wash myself down. Almost use princes towel and have to run quickly to the bedroom for a towel. Dry off, hop in my PJs and curl under the covers. Check my alarms, turn one to a minute later to make sure they’re going off. Alarms on, covers warm and fan running I slip into sleep while my SO watches 3 episodes ahead of me.

(0) (@kcirino) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

Lately (since it’s summer), I don’t necessarily have a routine. I do sort of find myself doing the same things over and over throughout the day, like cleaning/brushing my teeth or checking any social media, little things like that. I hate the idea of living life in or as a routine though.

Marlon (97) (@shoeopener) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

Fucking Sims, man!

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