When our intellect gets in the fu*king way

 KoMaCarpe (@KoMaCarpe) 7 years, 10 months ago

This is the time to tune into our essential beings, whatever it is we’re about to do. I remember the early days of my football career; four years old with nothing but a black and white, round perspective. Running across the field with two full teams chasing me and the ball (I’ve seen the videos and its hilarious and beautfiul at the same time) I was as close to nirvana as I’ve ever come – and that is without even striving for it. Football and running connected me to the present unlike any other activity and it didnt matter what heart rate, speed or technique I was running with. All that mattered was doing exactly what I loved.
But inevitable as it is we all grow up. And while gaining years I slowly started to losing life. Results and promises of a great pro career entered into my world and football was no longer a free spiritual acitivity. I measured up 400 meter courses and ran them 20 times over, at full speed, untill I almost puked. I joined better and better teams, achieving greater and greater results. But at the same time fierce competition, jealousy and low morale had me crying after several practises each month. The pursuit of greatness broke my spirit and love for football. God, I hated it.
Despite all this, at 15 years of age our team got second place in the national championships and wow, what an achievement! There were promises of a spot in the national youth team and everybody was happy – except for me.
Two months after that I quit for good. What a buzz-killer, right?

Point is, dont ever let your intellectual f*ck you over the way it did me. Whatever you love to do/be will always be better off if you let it grow in tune with your own being. In this new era we can choose to see the truth for what it is or foolishly let other peoples expectations take control over us. But just know this: We are no fu*king cyborgs made for external manipulation! We are here to be our own masters; alchemists of our own lives!
Listen to your inner being and become greater than greatness itself – without even striving for it. Cheers!

December 4, 2013 at 12:43 pm
Mike Wuest (510) (@mikeyw829) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@komacarpe, “Point is, dont ever let your intellectual f*ck you over the way it did me.”

I’m afraid that advice is much, much too late for the vast majority of people. Our entire society is based on concepts and symbols. We’re so dumb and easily manipulated paradoxically because we think too much. We too easily cling on to ideologies and beliefs. People live in a conceptualized world instead of reality, lost in thoughts and ideas.

Good post though

Frosty (45) (@iflipvans) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@mikeyw829, Hah I sometimes have to restrain myself from saying too much, I call it impulse control :D

KoMaCarpe (92) (@KoMaCarpe) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@mikeyw829, thx mate. Its never to late to wake up though.

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