When we run out of space for storing digital data, we will use DNA

flower21 (@flower21) 3 years, 11 months ago

In the world there is a shortage of free space for storing digital data. This problem has existed for several years, but ordinary people have hardly ever thought about it. Not so long ago there was a time when the free space for recording digital data was limited by the volume of your computer’s hard drive. When the limit was reached, we either followed the new hard disk, or we recorded everything on optical media. When they came to an end, we simply deleted the old data and recorded new ones. But there are those who never delete data.

For example, many companies do not do this, especially those whose scope of activity and value is dependent on the digital information they possess. Times change. Technologies are developing. Now the information is not deleted, it is transferred to the “cloud”. By the way, the term “cloud” itself is very ephemeral and does not reflect the real physical phenomenon at all. He just seemed very comfortable and beautiful, he was left. Where is the data stored? It does not matter at all, at least until we can address them at any time. Is there a high probability that we will eventually end up in the cloud storage? Nobody thinks about this. While you pay subscription – everything is fine. Not enough space? You choose a new tariff plan and you get even more space for your information.

Such dilution led to the fact that it became difficult for people even to imagine that one day we might run out of free space for storing digital data. As it used to be difficult to imagine that sooner or later fresh water may end on Earth, the reserves of which are replenished due to its cycle in nature. But here to you a reality. In 2018, water reserves in Cape Town (South Africa) were rapidly approaching their full depletion. And we, people who do not think about this, are rapidly approaching the lack of free space for storing digital data.

July 20, 2018 at 12:58 am
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