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 dreamwalker (@lament)6 years, 11 months ago

Looking over a field with an army of shadows the samurai looked at me.
“Think you can take them all?”
I let the wind speak in place of my silence for a moment before flicking some ash to the ground.
“Its not a question of if I can. I already know I can. If I was going to ‘think’ of anything in a moment like this it would be ‘do I have a reason to ”
Chewing on a slice of bamboo she posed another question-
“Do you?”
I rested my wrist crossed atop the hilt of the beam of light I planted in the ground and leaned tilted slightly.
“I have many reasons to”
-“so what’s the hesitation? ”
“You don’t get it ”
I could hear a slight agitation in the samurai’s motionlessness.
-“if its about picking the right one. Pick any. Fuck pick two or three its all perception lets go.”
she started to move and I laughed
“Yeah but what I consider ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is world changing ”
She stopped and turned around to face me directly
-“now that’s a fucking ego ”
I pulled the light from the ground and pointed it down at the valley of shadow’s
“I can do anything and for the right reason ill not only wipe all of them out if I feel I have to-” I pointed my light at the swirling sky “- ill blow up this sky, this planet, this galaxy and all the ones connected to it. Ill rip this universe apart- ” I spun the column of light in my hand “-Ill end this reality and exsistence itself for what I feel is ‘right’.”
The samurai narrowed her eyes “thin line between arragence and confidence”
I tossed the light into the air feeling the weightlessness it brought me
“Perception….” i let that sit for a moment before grabbing the light out of the air with another spin and pushed it into the ground. Looking her in those battle harden eyes as I continued
“I know I can do this because I had many ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ reasons enough to have done as such before”
she laughed this time “seems to me exsistence is still here so clearly atleast some of what you’re saying is bullshit ”
-“didn’t use to be something changed”
“Ill bite…what?”
“Exsistential love”
-“you might be the only being who’s bullshit actuly smells pleasant”
“Now that’s a load of shit”
And then we laughed.

July 19, 2014 at 12:13 pm
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