Where is my Revolution?

 Navarone (@navarone)7 years, 10 months ago

The lunatic is in the hall
The lunatics are in my hall
The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
And every day the paper boy brings more

There was a time in history when the Sun revolved around the earth. And then to the shock of the world the earth revolved around the sun. Of course this practice was not accepted by the Religious Elite for many centuries. Today however it is a widely accepted fact. A fact, not an opinion, for opinions can be debated upon for hours but facts are irrefutable.

So why start this black on white catharsis based on a fact which now is common knowledge. Because it is the only common denominator that makes all of us uniquely one- we live under the same sun, under the same sky and yet we are constantly trying to win the battle for survival to claim what is free for all and sustain it at the cost of our intellect. Alright maybe that was a bit confusing. But that is how words fly out of my finger tips.

In today’s times we are living in the age of over information- A literal world where knowledge is bound in the realms of paradoxes. If there is a piece of information you find in the internet true; there you would also find piece of information that refutes it point blank. Of course, you as an individual are swayed based on your own personal bias towards the said information. So where is your own point of view? Most people do not have the time to form one.

And then there is a dedicated industry to make one for you. The News Media and its hordes of TV Messiahs are asking questions on your behalf, which you don’t think much off during the course of the day except when you switch on your idiot box to get Zombified with Fear and the Illusion of impending doom.

But this is only a force of Habit. We have been conditioned to believe what people standing on the highest rungs of society tell us. And obviously if you do not agree to it you have to climb up the ladder to make the said changes. And yes all the changes you bring about would not suit the rest, because it is your vision which you implement for the rest of us, just as your predecessors did. So what is it that you changed? What is it that anyone really changed?

The society is Static, it has been so since the inception of society. Many feel that the society has changed a lot. Sure on the surface, we see towering buildings, fast cars, luxurious living, fantasy come into reality (within the domain of the Silver Screen) and breakthrough in Science and Technology. But we still have poor, just the way we had poor back in the day when History was just being recorded. And not to mention every other Social Travesty which we face has now ballooned out of proportion.

The world today is at the cusp of a radical transformation, but somehow the methods employed are still traditional to the point. On the grand scale we are talking about a Revolution- A revolution on the Political Front, The Social Front, The Economic Front and even an Interpersonal Front. Yes we are now a part of this revolution, whether consciously or just knocked out blind is immaterial. We all are a part of that Revolution which is not in our control.

As ridiculous as it sounds, it is sadly true. The reasons for us to accept the over powering allegiances of the Top Brass is however personal. We all have reasons to feel part of something that will change the system- for our personal benefit. But to what end no one can summarise.

One thing that is sure amiss here is a thought about the self. All the above-mentioned Revolutions are on a grand scale, where is my Personal Revolution? Where is my strife to make life better on my personal terms? Sure it is easy to accede to grand scheme of things where in Jobs are affected, Corruption is Rampant; Crime has gone up the roof, so on and so forth. But what about my own flaws, what about my own downfalls.

The same old habits which are repeated with mechanical precision are only rendering me as a soulless machine. Yes man created machine, but before machines were created, man himself became a machine & to this day has not let go of this primitive paradigm.

We are still not sure what is the scheme of things the society dishes out at us- are we a coherent force of the society which means independent thought must be rejected point blank and only the greater good should be sighted. Or is the society a tool for making man an individual entity. No the Answer is not out there, the answer is in here. Within us, inside of us, it requires the shovel of inquisition to dig through layers up on layers of conditioning to reach where the pure thought originates

Where individuality is at its purest and brightest form, however the world perceives it. But this is no mean feat, to dig within and bring out what I truly am is only possible if I can question myself. And trust me the questions never end. For there will come a point where questions will no longer be raised and answers will be discovered on the merit of one’s actions. Such a moment is only the beginning of the sublime truth, that life is lived in moments. Not in the actions of the past or the fruits of the future but in the infinity of the moments where we do not know what we are, but we are one with what we do.

Without a Personal Revolution, there can be no social revolution, period! There is so much more for man to explore & so much more for man to salvage. We are the highest in the order of life in terms of intellect and what we have achieved in the all the millenias is a testament to this humble realisation- Man is solely responsible for the outcome of the world and we have to make amends now. There is only one earth that revolves the sun, beyond this we do not know anything. This is where our knowledge of the cosmos ends. Every other thing you think off as information is just a Re-Run of the past.

Only a handful of our race has floated in empty space. Only they could visualise the tender delicate emptiness on which earth sits and thus life dwells. We have only seen pictures, wouldn’t you want to see earth from out there and wonder, where do I fit in the grand scheme of the Universe? May be it is easier to dwell in our immediate concerns for which we burn our intellect. May be I am being one sided about the concept of life. We all have our own problems we deal with after all. But the one thing I can unanimously agree to is this- There is no other place where salvation of mankind lies but within; There is no other place where Curiosity of Mankind can lead but outer space… The Edge of Cosmos…

And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
You shout and no one seems to hear
And if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes
I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon

November 19, 2013 at 12:40 am
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