Who are you?

Amy (@Diskordia) 8 years, 9 months ago

Short introduction:
This is just a post with a bunch of abstract questions.
I’m interested in some perspectives on the subject “identity”, so here we are. Feel free to answer the title question or all of the questions in this post. Feel free to make up your own mind games to create new questions and answers.

What makes you who you are?
How do you define yourself?

What if someone or something took control of you, and you wouldn’t notice because first it wouldn’t change a thing in your life..
But then slowly, it would alter you, change your views, create new interests, change your way of thinking, make you do new things in your every day life.
At which point would you stop being yourself, at which point would you say that something crucial has been changed?

People like to identify themselves with others, like in movies. There often is this one character they feel one with. But what if there was no other human being on earth you could compare yourself with? How would you know who you are, what makes you different?

And, does it even matter anyway? Do you need to be someone? Is it important to create an image of yourself, create boundaries in which you should operate to keep this image up? Being true to yourself, act according to your own ideals, be as consistent and thorough as possible.. just as if you’re creating your own little perfect role in this big story called “Life”.

(and a bit in another direction:)
What if you’re a nobody, you have no opinions, no perspective? Nothing is good or bad, everything is just relative, everything is neutral. You could just lay in bed all day or try to find the cure for cancer, and it would make no difference to you. Then how do you know what to do? Where would you start?

November 3, 2013 at 5:28 pm
Anonymous (0) (@) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

Let me tell you who I am.

It’s about what happens next.

Kello (83) (@Kello) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

I am Everything. Everything trapped in Something. How is it possible ? I have no idea. But not knowing is scary. And so I am scared. How do you react when you’re scared ? You scream, trying to call for somebody, something else, that might help you, just something, that exists, please…

Oh and also, you make yourself bigger. So I try to cover myself with all sort of thoughts, I collect them actually, and then I say that they are mine. I need thoughts, that’s the only way I could understand and stop being so scared. Maybe if I collect enough thoughts, if I think enough, I might get Everything. Again.

Wait, why am I looking for Everything ? I thought that I was Everything. No, no, it can’t be, if I think that I’m Everything, then I must be Something. What am I looking for ?

Who am I ?


Anonymous (21) (@) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@diskordia, I feel like I’m this body that my soul, my higher self, is occupying. Like a vehicle through which it operates. Once I felt that this body was all that was. I felt lost and meaningless. Like a little human on a big vast existence.

Now I feel this tuning. My soul would be this thing that makes us all equal. Like a drop of the same ocean (thus the ocean itself). My body, my ego if you will, is like the specific qualities of the drop.

My soul makes me who I am.
But I guess I define myself as both. Bearing in mind that this physical experience is not really the deal.
I have a name, a style, dreams, objectives opinions… This is the physical me. This is part of how I define me. The other part is the soul. It’s in control of me, it changes my views, my interests.. All that you said :p Everything about me comes from it. It has transformed me over the years many times. I guess then I cannot define my self as immutable. I have a style. I wouldn’t say I’ll always have it.

It’s like I let this higher-self stir while I enjoy the ride. If I do that, thinks never go awry. When I try to take the wheel, with my “petty mundane” problems, I usually crash the vehicle.

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