Who has seen Thrive? Its a doco/movie, whats your thoughts on it?

 Ruby (@ruby) 7 years, 10 months ago

I cant really explain what its about but I am curious about your thoughts on it if you have seen it.

December 23, 2013 at 11:45 pm
Anonymous (21) (@) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

After a long wasted time believing in conspiracy theories this is the first doc I somewhat liked. I’m not 100% sure/in-tune with its metaphysical/spiritual part, but it is definitely something I missed back then when I was a die-hard atheist/”materialist” man. I remember seeing Zeitgeist and feeling it lacked something. Feeling hollow inside. Knowing that was something else to life than eat mate and repeat.

Leaving the first part behind, the final ones I like a lot and feel in tune with. The way they propose a world change is very interesting and happend to be the same conclusion I came to overtime, “To change the world, change your ways first”, so I could relate to it in many levels. One of the quotes I like is this one, I’ll go ahead and say it sums up the ideia I took behind it all.

“This (our current times) is like the last ditch effort of a last phase of civilization. It’s a last gasp, really. I often use the metaphor of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. A caterpillar crunches its way through an ecosystem; it’s very destructive. It eats 300 times its weight a day until it’s so bloated that it hangs itself upside down and goes to sleep. Its skin turns into a hardened chrysalis. Then in its body you get these imaginal cells forming. Biologists actually call them that; then the body of the caterpillar becomes a nutritive soup for those imaginal cells.

What’s important about this is that the old and new co-exist for a while. It’s the job of the caterpillar to try to preserve its life. It’s a desperate government we have now, trying to control oil in the Middle East and promote nuclear energy. They know better but they have to play out their role of protecting themselves. It’s their job.

And if you love butterflies, you don’t go around stepping on caterpillars! So, we can’t hate them. It doesn’t do any good. But if you want alternative energy, you don’t ask an oil economy administration to produce it for you. We have to produce it. We imaginal cells have to show that it’s cheaper, more effective. Our job is to build the new world! “

– Elisabeth Sahtouris, Evolutionary Biologist, quoted in the movie.

What I came to feel about this kind of docs that I used to watch is that it only served to bring awareness of fear, hate and violence. Most just had this “let’s kill everyone, its time for revenge” philosophy behind. When you start to question this silly world around you, sure it makes sense, you wanna blame it on someone, you want the heads of the ones responsible. What I found out is that I needed only look in a mirror and so did everybody else.


NickWags (0) (@chakraguy) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

I watched this for the first time about a year ago and thought it was great. However, I’ve heard different opinions on this film, some saying it’s bogus and that it’s been debunked, others saying it’s “the answer to our energy crisis”. but after watching it again, I think some of the root problems it addresses aren’t completely wrong, yet taking the conspiracy theory approach as it’s foothold throws me off.

Anonymous (3) (@) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

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Ruby (22) (@ruby) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

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