Why am I having reoccurring dreams with the same person?

Sparkles123 (@sparkles123) 5 years, 11 months ago

A few months ago I kept having dreams of one of my guy friends he was trying to confess his love for me but I was ignoring and avoiding him. He was getting upset because I went to see one of his best friends. Then a few weeks later I got icecream with his friend nothing happened. My friend got a job in canada so had a going away drinks and we had a bit of a fight and I was crying and told him he didn’t care about me. Which really upset him. We made up in the morning. I’ve been looking to move back to the east coast and applying for job which i have interviews for. I had a dream last week that we had planned to meet because he was back in town and he was late so i was about to leave then he showed up with all his friends. I got upset and went to leave he chased after me asking to just come back because there was something i needed to see. I kept running and a girl stopped him someone he used to date and he was like not now i need to talk to you stop and pushed past this girl. I turned around to come back with them but walked behind them. We got back and there was dancing etc I went and sat with some random girls then for some reason had to change my clothes when I came out this lady came up to me and told me she was so glad I was still here as he had organised a job for me and I just needed to sign the contract but there was a deadline by the end of the night. He left before I could speak to him about it. Do you think this has any meaning?

September 18, 2016 at 8:57 am
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