Why are people so obsessed with their phones and technology overall?

 Pau (@pau0435)7 years, 2 months ago

It shocks me every day to see how people are on their phone 24/7. Every time I hang out with one of my friends she can’t help but check her instagram, twitter, snapchat and texts every 5 minutes or so. I have told her about it and how she is obsessed but it seems like she doesn’t care. It just makes me sad because instead of fully enjoying the moment and being present, her mind is somewhere else, closer to the people she’s stalking or talking to than to us. I understand it can be fun and tempting but why do you think this happens? What makes people go so crazy and desperate about using their phones and being able to know what’s going on in everyone else’s life through the social media?

May 3, 2014 at 9:01 am
Emmi (1) (@carouselscrumble) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

I wish this was something I could answer. I have many friends who do the same thing, they can’t help but check their phone every 10 seconds and it doesn’t make any sense. They are too wrapped up talking to friends or strangers online, that they can’t talk to their friends in person. Aren’t these social media websites supposed to be based on things we do in real life anyways? Yet people get sucked into them and don’t have time to have real experiences because they are too concerned about others reactions about their past experiences. Instead of enjoying dinner with a friend, they are too wrapped up in people commenting about what they ate for lunch. It’s a real tragedy, I think. Social media websites are used to promote ourselves and share our lives with others while actually taking away from our real lives by getting so caught up in them. I’m glad to hear others feel the same way I do.

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