Why are we important?

Tim (@Tim-Hoepfer) 5 years, 3 months ago

They say without a story we are just another blank page in the book of existence. Destined to be forgotten in the black hole of commercialism that is our society. We often believe our lives are meaningless because we weren’t gifted with the talents of a professional athlete or the charisma of a president. We often look at ourselves in a lens of hopelessness that is only sparked by the potential of making temporary memories within our own minds knowing full well that these memories will eventually fade through the veil of death. Sure, many of us learn to remain positive but just as many of us believe our lives are meaningless.

            For those of you with doubt, I’m here to tell you the truth.

You’re wrong!

Yes, we have a limited lifespan to live in which we can only do so much. Yes, the universe is ever expanding and were unbelievably small in the grander scale of things. And yes, eventually the memory of your existence will fade in time, but what you stand for will always live on.

In a chaotic cosmos that is made up of 99.9999 percent dark matter comes one millionth of a percent matter. Within that matter is less than a billionth of a percent living cells. Within this small percentage, millions upon billions of cells compete to create life throughout hundreds upon thousands of generations until finally cells meet together and create multicellular organisms. In summary, you are a miracle that emblemizes hope.

We all stand for hope yet less than a quarter of us believe in our own self-worth. We see our existence as miniscule and insignificant despite the implications of our existence. We often look at our flaws and compare them to others. We COMPETE to leave a story in the book of existence yet we don’t look at the bigger picture. Don’t look at what you haven’t done, look at what you’ve overcome because despite unfathomable odds you are your own unique individual with your own unique physical characteristics, personality traits, and experiences. No one in the entire universe has ever or will ever be the same individual as you are now. So the next time you feel insignificant stop, take a breather and think about the hope that you represent. Your life means a lot more than you realize. Everything that you are and stand for is beautiful.


March 20, 2017 at 9:19 pm
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