Why does the Earth turn, but we do not notice it?

flower21 (@flower21) 3 years, 11 months ago

Let me congratulate you: at present you are spinning at a speed of 1500 km / h, without even trying particularly. At about this speed, the Earth rotates, making a complete revolution. Why do not we feel this? On a roller coaster stomach threatens to empty its contents, but it’s much slower than 1500 km / h. You do not feel that you are spinning on Earth for the same reason that you do not feel the movement on the train. Because the Earth and the train are “frames of reference” for physicists. The frame of reference is like a perspective, a perspective. The person standing on the train has one perspective – one frame of reference – and the person at the station – the other.

If you stand on the platform of the station, you will definitely see a fixed platform and a departing train. But from the inside of the train you will feel still, while the world will leave from you. From any point of view, you will be immovable. From the train you can see how the world is moving, on the platform you can see how the train is moving.

The same is true for the Earth and the cosmos, but on a large scale. From within the Earth’s reference system, to say that you are rotating, you can not. But if you observe the Earth in the space reference system, you can see that it does not stand still.

And as the passengers sitting on the train, we do not even guess how fast we are moving – even the breeze does not shake our hair. The air inside the train (and the atmosphere surrounding our planet) move at the same speed as we do.

There is one important difference between train and Earth. When the train slows down or accelerates, we can feel the emerging strength on our body. Because there is a simple law of physics: the force is equal to the mass multiplied by the acceleration. Your body is a mass, and when the acceleration is zero – when the train moves at a constant speed – the force is not affected by the body. You do not feel it. But when the train accelerates or slows down, there is power. If you do not get up in time, you will simply be knocked down.

Since most trains change their speed more often than they move with a constant, we can almost always determine whether we are moving or standing still. The earth does not slow down or accelerate. But if it were accelerated or slowed down, we would definitely feel it, as in the train. Fortunately, this does not happen. And we do not feel the movement of the Earth. But the Sun and the Moon rise in the east and sit in the west of the nominal due to the direction of our rotation. So people have guessed that the Earth does not stand still. And yet it spins!

July 10, 2018 at 1:11 am
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