Why I am UN subscribing

philalethes (@philalethes) 4 years, 8 months ago

When the latest email from you starts off:
“I Am Starting to Doubt You Will Ever Change, Seriously.

I have to ask: What the Fuck do YOU know about me?

I’m 72, have incorporated many WORKABLE practices over the decades, and YOU have NO idea if I have “ever changed.” I signed up for your newsletter to see, out of curiosity, where it would go, if you came up with anything that wasn’t the same old bag of “sign up for my course” BS. Typical westerner with the “more is better” philosophy, this is just another aggregator site that promotes that MORE information means somehow “more” wisdom. It don’t.

This is the same old bullshit guru crappola. You want to make MONEY off the wisdom teachings.

It doesn’t work that way. All your words and mentalizing just keep one’s monkey mind spinning on and on.

Now, since I haven’t decided to PAY for your “wisdom” you move onto the next step: the INSULT.

FU Martin whatever. Budso, you are just another ego splashing in his little “wisdom” eddy, without the honesty to know if you had gnosis, it means you can’t describe it,  or sell it.

There are matrices within matrices. Enjoy your delusional promotional look-at-me circus.


September 14, 2017 at 7:51 pm
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