Why is education a thing.

 Samantha (@samantha87)7 years, 1 month ago

We’ve all thought this at one point or another, and honestly, there is no answer. We’ve created this whole shitty system to become what society is and wants you to be. We’re told to do good in school so we can get into a good college. When we’re in college, we’re told to do good so we can get a degree and get a good job. And during our adult life, we continue systematically making money and cramming work with the family that we need to support. Where does anyone get joy out of this?

On a narrower subject, what do we really gain from going to school? Targeting high school, now. When we’re in elementary, all of the shows and movies and rumors about high school make it out to be such a fun time. Clich├ę drama and nerds and platinum blonde cheerleaders who date the handsome quarterback. When we get into these cinderblock walls of torture, we quickly learn high school is really the opposite.

Your life becomes countless hours of crushing homework and social lives into one segment of time that is already packed with wondering who the fuck you even are.

Everything you’re learning becomes a swirl of pointless vocabulary words and formulas that you will never use. No matter how many times a teacher repeats that you will use ´┐╝Logarithms, you never in your entire life will give a single fuck about this besides completing your exam.

Why isn’t there a school that combines finding out who you are with things that would be useful for the career pathway you will choose? Why can’t drama go fuck itself and everyone can just be accepting? Classes to learn how to pay bills and how to deal with peer pressure, and how to work out problems in a marriage would be useful instead of wasting time on trigonometry and the scientific theory of relativity.

The goal of education has become getting good grades instead of learning things, and that is a twisted thing to go through. High school makes everyone so damn self aware.

May 12, 2014 at 8:07 am
Anonymous (64) (@) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

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