Why is it hard to Love yourself ?

 Lona Lisa (@Cheeksx)6 years ago

Regardless of what the situation may be or who it is that you are dealing with in your life one thing must always remain the same in dealing with all the relationships you encounter in your life and that is the way you view yourself and how much love you TRULY have for yourself and who you are as an individual.

Nothing and no one should be the reason why you should love yourself any more or any less. It is unhealthy to be so dependent on those around you to feel better about yourself and expect better days to come when if you’re alone you always end up back on square one with no real growth or direction of what it is that you want from yourself and anything goals you might have going on in your life. If you don’t get to know yourself first who is really going to stick around and look past things that they don’t like about you when you don’t even know what your own best assets are?

I never expected the road to reconditioning the love i have for myself to be so long and tedious but I was really starting from square one. Trying to love those around me to the best of my abilities in hopes that they would return those same gestures and favors for me in my time of need. Trust me, The last thing you want to realize is who is really not there for you in your time of need and only around because it’s “convenient”. Sometimes the only real reason you say you feel alone is because your blind to the very person you can never let go of, You.

I am aware that there is a ton of work to be done for myself but it’s going to take time. And with time comes further understanding as to why it is that I do the things that I do or why it is that I never really seem to put myself first. I just know i’m not the only one and that even on my darkest days things get better. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day you know .. ;)

Be Happy , Live Happy ; more often than not its just that simple.

September 1, 2015 at 5:02 pm
Dhyan (37) (@Dhyan) 6 years ago ago

Self-love  is often a false  trick.  Hide  and ignore  the parts  you don’t  like.  I get sick  of ignorant  people  who  say they love  them self,  while  they only move  in a small areas    We need relationships.  And frankly  I hardly see  people who  have  good ones.   There  is to little  interest in the other  and to much   it must be fun ,  way  to little  meditation  and interest  in layers  of reality.  We need  10000 lives  to understand  life  a little  bit.  And now  the narcistic  love yourself  floats  around  like a face book like   To love yourself  includes  going  through  hell  and transform  it .  To  love  oneself  includes  to love  all.  Most  rerelationships  are still  based  on reptile  chemistry,  I vote  for a change 

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