Why the majority of people choose to be a follower rather than being a leader

Yassir (@Yassir) 6 years, 3 months ago

Wherever I go, I see a bunch of followers, of fans, of supporters.. but only once in a while I see a true leader, who follows his dreams, his own path, his personal ways to succeed, I personally believe that leaders are not smarter whatsoever than their followers, they only succeeded with hard work and commitment, and managed to get out of the rules box, you know rules of life, not laws …

What makes me think even more, is that very often, these followers become mentally enslaved by their leader, in other word they become a bunch of sheep ,I see fans becoming crazy about a pop star, a football team, a sport player, a blogger, a scientist, a politician, even a ‘random social media person’ , but why glamorizing someone just for the sake of it, I am talking about fans who’s greater purpose is to meet their idol, these people do exist!
There is no harm in taking someone as a role model, learning from their mistakes, to achieve YOUR own dreams, but when this model becomes an idol regarded as a devotion material, that’s when it becomes nonsense.
What do you think of this matter?

March 13, 2016 at 7:00 am
Manimal (2,998) (@manimal) 6 years, 3 months ago ago

Your observations are apt.

But the difference is not about succeeding through hard work. It’s really about actually WANTING it. So many people are too comfortable, just following along and not having to think so much or be accountable. They fear making decisions and staying strong.

Most people who want to be leaders are just looking for the false glory of feeling important. They just want the feeling of being cool, wise or “on top”. They want to lead just to lead.
That’s why they never really become leaders.

We’ve all had bosses, teachers and other “superiors” who were very affirmative and strict but utterly incompetent. All they had was their desperate need to “lead”, and so nobody really follows, or only do so under false beliefs.

A true leader does not want to be a leader, nor does he want to follow. His vibe is “I know this cool place I’m gonna go. Feel free to join, as long as you don’t become a burden.”

I am frequently asked to lead, and my thoughts at such times are typically “Sure, why not.”
Not “ehh uhh no what do I do now?” or “hell yeah bow to me!”

Tomas (2) (@Tomas-Visockas) 6 years, 3 months ago ago

I think being a leader and not a simple boss or commander is huge responsibility,leaders has to be willing to admit mistakes of others as their own.If one is not willing to admit mistakes of others as his own then one is not a leader only a boss.Boss is usually overconfident person without a real reason to be confident,many of subordinates simply do the least they can to not get in trouble but not more. Becoming crazy about a pop star, a football team, a sport player, a blogger, a scientist, a politician etc. is not following a leader in my opinion,its only a mind control tricks.Bottom line people who follow them are brainwashed.

bernthewitch (0) (@Alex-Bernstein) 6 years, 3 months ago ago

It’s easier to follow. You automatically are accepted by all the other followers, you are told what your purpose is. It requires less intellectual work. You don’t have to question as much, you just accept and say “yes, they’re absolutely right”. Being skeptical results in being scorned by society and in some cases censored. Going against the norm is no simple task.

In order to succeed in fighting against the establishment, you need to get really damn good at articulating your own views to the point that you make people go “hell, that guy has a point”.

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