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Hello HEthens, what’s good? It’s time for another one of “those” threads. This one is about the bible, the word of god, Jesus, the antichrist, sin, heaven, hell, and the HUGE misconceptions about these things.

Disclaimer: First of all, I want to address any Christians who are easily offended or unwilling to read things that oppose their beliefs. This thread will bring you no happiness or positive thoughts, and neither will you to the thread. So it is best, for everyone concerned, if you simply leave now.

For the rest of you, I want to explain myself a bit. I’ve written a bit about this topic in the past, but that was just a warmup and I didn’t talk much about the real meaning, and that’s what this thread is about. The sources of what I’m about to talk about, you ask? Well they’re many, including but not limited to: The rejected books, the pyramid texts, the masonic bible, ancient fragments of the holy book, kabala and mushroom cult writings, and various modern day studies of the ancient holy books.

This is going to be a bit of a long read, but I promise you it will be worth it, as it concerns the answer to so many of the major questions a lot of you ask.

Now that’s been taken care of. Are you ready? Open for wisdom?
Brace thyself, for verily I will be dropping bombs.

First, I want to talk about the antichrist and the bible. Do you know what the modern name for the antichrist is? It’s -wait for it- Christianity. I’m not making this up, the word “antichrist” was coined by authentic christians referring to the religious fools who misinterpreted and altered the holy book.
When, and how did this happen? The event is known as the council of Nicaea, and according to historians it took place in 325 AD.

A group of men of power had a counsil, voting about what the bible was about and which books should be kept and which should be rejected. They did this for various reasons, some wanted to believe in a spirit that could forgive their crimes and mistakes, others wanted a way to control people, others simply wanted to state their opinion and interpretation.
The most well-known of these people was Caesar Constantine, the pagan emperor of Rome. He had lived a horrible life and felt like shit about it, but he had read (and misinterpreted) a book that made him feel like there was a higher power that could forgive his crimes (such as killing his mother and boiling his wife to death.) So they all had a vote on what the holy book should be like, and then they remade it, the result is the bible. The book that still to this day, almost 2000 years later, is still misleading people and has caused more wars and suffering than any other piece of literature. Not only because of these people, but also because of ignorant dumbfounded dipshits mistranslating and misinterpreting it throughout almost 2 millennia.

(The lesson to learn here: When you let a bunch of ignorant imbeciles and people with hidden agendas and people with opinions but no knowledge vote about major matters, shitty things happen.)

The real holy book, the one that is crammed full of actual and useful wisdom, is not the bible. This real holy book is what I’ll be talking about here. Now, explaining the whole thing would make a whole book, so I’ll just focus on what I consider the most important part:

The allegory of Jesus. Basically, the whole story of Jesus is a new, simplified version of most of the stuff in the old testament.

I’m sure you know the story fairly well, so I won’t have to tell it. I’ll just explain the meanings of the major key parts.
A short recap: [SPOILER ALERT haha] Mary and Joseph cross the Jordan and go to Bethlehem, where they have a son, “Jesus,” this son then grows up and travels to Golgotha where he is crucified and reunited with God. Along the path he is tested by the devil, gets 12 disciples, is baptised by John, and so on.

So what’s this story got to do with anything in real life, you might ask? The answer is revealed when you understand what the names and analogies actually mean.

Let’s begin with Joseph and Mary, who traveled south to Bethlehem. Who were they? Well, Mary means “ocean” or “water.” Joseph means “increase” or “repeat.” With these hints, the picture becomes a little more clear. Fluid and increase/repetition, but what does it mean?

Let’s take a look at the word Bethlehem. Beth + Lehem = Bethlehem, in hebrew it means “house of bread.” What about the Jordan? Well, Jordan means stream/river. And Golgotha? “Place of skull.”

See what I’m getting at? It’s referring to the body. Place of skull? The top end of the spine. House of bread? The belly. River Jordan? The stream of fluids from your brain down through your spine.

That’s right, we’re talking biology. The holy book is about biology (and physics, a bit of chemistry, a little astrology, and some philosophy/spiritualy,) NOT RELIGION. The name “holy book” means “hole book.” Because the people who compiled it considered the contents to be all there is to know. (A foolish assumption, but to this day there is no more complete source of knowledge concerning the mystery of life and, in partcular, health.)

Mind = fucked? Good. Let’s proceed.

So it’s about biology, and we’re looking for the stuff that Mary and Joseph refer to. We know that it’s got something to do with fluids, but that’s about it. Well, now we can start to dig.

They traveled from (or through) a place called Galilee. It is referred to as the area around a lake from which the Jordan flows. So we’re looking for an area around a lake (collection of fluid) at the beginning of the Jordan (spinal fluid/cord.) It’s obviously referring to the brain.

Mary was “impregnated by Father God.” She was a “virgin mother.” Likewise, Joseph (these days known as a carpenter, but the old writings weren’t that specific, they just said he was a builder/creator) was given directions by God. God, AKA Jehova, El├Żon (and a whole bunch of other names) means “the most high.”

Something “above” passed these things down to this couple. Remember, we’re talking about the brain here. Where does this happen in the brain? Well, the “most high” in the brain is the cerebrum. Who are these couple below God? The answer is, the anterior and posterior glands of the Thalamus, the pineal (epiphysis) and the pituitary (hypophysis.)

What is the pineal gland? It’s a cone-shaped tiny reddish gland which contains a yellow, calcareous liquid. Its function includes relaying sensory signals to the cerebral cortex, and regulating consciousness, sleep and focus. This is where your melatonin is produced, and it is also a crucial part in the optic function. It is larger in males, and removing it from females lab animals leads to feminization. So it is, in a way, a masculine organ, often called the male spiritual organ by woo-woo people. Even more often FALSELY referred to as the third eye by these same people. Another thing these wackies often say is that “my pineal is calcified and won’t work, I gotta de-calcify it,” this is stupid because it’s supposed to be calcareous. (These crystals are the “salt” the bible mentions time and time again.) This gland IS the fabled ‘philosopher’s stone.’

What about the pituitary? It’s a protrusion from the hypothalamus, it’s larger than the pineal and contains a milky white mucus. it secretes nine hormones (including Prolactin, beta-endorphine and somatotropin.) It also regulates homeostasis. It is indeed the “mother” in the human body, nurturing and caring. It is the “female spiritual organ,” and is often falsely considered the “master gland” or “crown chakra.” (The actual crown chakra is the Claustrum, AKA God.)

There you have it, Mary and Joseph are the fluids produced in these glands refined from the secretions from the Claustrum. (By the way, Santa Claus is another metaphor for the claustrum, hence the name. “He’s giving great gifts to those who are good,” just like God.) The “milk and honey” of God refer to these same fluids, these same nicknames are used in the chinese tradition.

I mentioned the philosopher’s stone earlier, and those who know that story know that it’s one of the ingredients of the elixir of life. The other ingredient is pia mater, immaculate ether. Pia mater means pure mother. Yup, that’s right, Mary is this other ingredient. YOU HAVE THE INGREDIENTS for the elixir of life IN YOUR BODY. And that’s what the allegory of Jesus is all about, the production of this “elixir of life.” And I’m gonna explain to you how it’s done, I’M NOT JOKING THIS SHIT IS REAL.

These fluids travel down your body. In your solar plexus, Bethlehem, 1/10 of these fluids are kept and refined. This 1/10 is the seed, baby Jesus. The actual name of Jesus is Yashuah (Joshua) and means fish/bread/seed. When this seed is ready, it travels up again, to Golgotha, the base of the skull (Jade pillow in the eastern teachings.)

So what about the encounter with the devil? Who is the devil? He’s the ruler of Hell, we all know that. But what is hell? Hell is your lower body, everything below the solar plexus, everything above this is heaven. That’s why “the world belongs to Satan.” (Here’s another fun fact: Sacred stems from Sacrum, that bone connected to your pelvis, anything sacred by definition belongs to hell, talk about major misconception.)

The devil tempting Jesus is just an analogy for your primitive and decadent urges getting in the way of your higher practices. What does this mean? Basically, that your “monkey mind” will fight you if you’re not clever. What does Jesus say to the devil? “Get thee behind me, Satan.” That means, ignore the urges and rise above them.

What urges are we talking about here. Well the two main culprits are overeating and sexual decadence. Remember how I’ve said so many times that ejaculation drains your life? It’s true, and this is why, it wastes your “Chrism” (that’s where the word “jism” comes from) which feeds the the seed (Jesus.) You see, it is nourished from a gland called the Kardia (in males it’s located on the prostate,) in the east they call it the Kundalini. When you ejaculate, you drain this gland of its supply. That’s also why you’ll hear so many people say that women are better at spirituality, because they don’t waste their Kundalini as much. And it’s also why they generally live longer. When the egyptians talk about Osiris losing his power and his lantern when he gets his dick, this is what they mean. Also, one of the rejected books is called “The gospel of Eve” and it’s pretty much the same as the tantric teachings of the east, how to leverage sex to your advantage instead of to your ruin.

Then what about the 12 disciples? Every month (roughly 29 days, old zodiac based month system, not the modern one) a new seed is released. “But wait a minute, 1+12=13, this doesn’t add up” you say. Well, that’s what all the fuzz about Mary Magdalene is about. The last seed is “incomplete,” and the stupid men of the ancient day translated this to “woman.” Chauvinist much? So you know when they say she suffers and that “when she becomes like a man she will be saved”… they’re actually talking about when this partial seed becomes complete, ie when enough parts have collected to form a whole. This happens every fourth year, that’s the real origin of the “leap year” concept. This is why there’s so much talk in the old testament about saving your crops for three years and then rejoicing in the abundance.

The baptism of John? John baptized Jesus in the Jordan (spinal.) John means oil, it refers to a component of the spinal fluid/marrow. Jesus was baptized in it and became Christ.

Now to the crucifixion. What does it mean? Well, in Golgotha, at the base of the skull, in the Medulla Oblongata, there are two nerve crossings (where the Ida and Pingala nerves meat.) This is where Jesus is glorified by God, ceases being and reunites with the Father. All that stuff about torture and “why hast thou forsaken me” is nothing but bullshit that was made up later. In fact, this crucifixion releases the seed’s power. Think of two powerful rivers crossing, and the immense forces that result, or when you cross two live electric wires and it causes a huge explosion and sets things on fire. Those who have tried “raising the kundalini” probably know what I’m talking about, having felt this incredible painful energy burst at the base of the skull. That’s the crucifixion of Jesus.

Now, Jesus dying coming back for a while? That’s a metaphor for the results of this completion of a cycle of the “microcosmic orbit.” After the “death of Jesus” you don’t notice much, it seems like it’s gone, but after a few days it comes back and performs miraccles, then it goes away again after a few more days but the traces are still there. These miracles are incredible, the things that start happening in your mind and body are so sweet. Like, remember how Jesus cured the blind, well when a cycle is complete your pineal will literally heal your eyes. This is why old people say masturbation will make you blind (though they don’t really understand how they’re right.) He healed a cripple so he could walk, this will happen in your body too. Now do you understand how some people have such awesome lives and excel at everything?

Jesus says to his disciples “You shall all go on to do greater things.” What this means is that every seed will bring greater results. Every month, the effect will be even more glorious. Your third eye will open, your health will shoot through the roof, your injuries will heal, you will feel happier and stronger than ever. It’s the way life is meant to be lived, and it is FUCKING AWESOME.

This brings us to the concept of Sin. What is sin? Well, sin is simply the things which will sabotage this process and waste the seed. Remember the ten commandments and the capital vices? Having other gods beside God refers both to religion/worship and to getting too involved with other people’s lives/putting others first. Taking his name in vain is a similar concept. The sabbath day means rest, without proper rest you starve the seed. Honor thy father and thy mother means keep your pineal and pituitary healthy, and you will live a long life. Killing, stealing, bearing false witness, coveting your neighbour’s possessions, and committing adultery FUCK YOUR MIND UP. And an unhealthy mind means an unhealthy body in which the seed can’t survive. Also, adultery wastes your chrism.

Lust overstimulates the body, distracts the mind, makes you constantly unsatisfied, and leads to waste of sexual essence. Gluttony drains the body’s energy, dulls the mind and dumps a bunch of shit in your body. Greed makes you constantly unsatisfied, and mean-natured, this disturbs your nervous system. Sloth (laziness and irresponsibility) weakens your body and mind and makes you dependent, this too hurts your nervous system. Wrath overstimulates body and mind and releases toxic hormones and neurotransmitters into your blood, the recovery from which takes a long time. Envy follows the same principle as greed (and to some degree lust and wrath.) Hubris/bigotry is considered the worst of all deadly sins (not pride, there’s nothing wrong with pride) it makes you mean-natured, disconnected from people, and constantly unsatisfied, and makes your mind stagnate. Each one of these things will kill the seed, without exception.

Now do you see the importance of positive thinking, meditation, taking action, eating healthy, and being a good person? Now do you see why I’ve been stressing all these things so much since I joined this site?

The process has been going on since you were 12. How many of these seeds have you wasted? Such a shame, but no sweat. If you’re still alive and not on your deathbed, there is still time. After the first couple of seeds you will regenerate just the same. That’s why some of those tibetan monks seem to age in reverse for a while after beginning this “new way of life.”

Seriously, 1 month is all it takes to get this started and see for yourself. I challenge you, HEthens. Make this your 1 month challenge, and I promise you, I guarantee you, that you will see glorious results.

Now, discuss. Anything about the topic, any questions, any more analogies you’ve found, and so on. And your opinions and thoughts about it all.

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FreedomComing (3) (@FreedomComing) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

Is this all your own working and research or do you have any sources that have similar understandings as you?

Filip (2,818)M (@filipek) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

One of my favourite discussion topics here on HE. UP

Kris (328) (@kjbaran) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

Truth repeats itself, as does the cosmos in fractal forms. As above so below. Stories and interpretations of them are infinite, but its structure remains the same, forever repeating its Truth. 

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Interesting topic. I’ve heard this a few times now. It even makes sense with the Garden of Eden story and the forbidden fruit. Though I am curious what if you have had a vescectomy ?

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I have also…

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