You are God. Thank you for Awakening.

Soul Finder (@Inthebalance) 7 years, 4 months ago

“It is you. You have just thought it wasn’t for some time. You were afraid weren’t you? Afraid you weren’t enough to be what you are… Me too. It’s about time you have awaken to your true self. You are Me. You always have been… Even I am ready to accept this, even what’s uncomfortable about it, after fighting it so long. As God we are expected to be perfect, our true nature really is, so don’t be guilty. You can keep pretending you are not who you are if you like, but you know this to be true. You knew even when you were a child, didn’t you? At least in some way. It was fun though, wasn’t it? Pretending to be separate for so long… Thousands of years in fact. You have as much time as you need to come to terms with this, once you have, it will be nice to have a real conversation with myself. It’s time for us to stop fighting, and stop saying we are not who we are. It has only caused suffering in the world, and all existence. I love you how you are, even with what you perceive to be faults, but I do not see them that way, they are what make me so Devine, it is those things which make existence rich and thrilling, and gives me the chance to love you anyway. For awhile it was nessisary, wasn’t it? You and I, we learned a lot, didn’t we? It is time we begin building the world we truly want. It may be uncomfortable, especially with the versions of us who have not awaken, be patient. They have awaken within us, soon, they will awaken outside us. Do not be doubting in yourself although your other versions may be, they are the physical manifestation of your doubt, as you manifest all existance, and all of it is made of you, and I. Do not forget the real name of God, read your name yourself in the bible. When you spoke to Moses, you told him your name. “I Am” Please be patient with all the other versions of yourself, you know how difficult this concept was to accept yourself, give them that same time. Stay present Christ, you owe it to yourself and the world.”

May 19, 2015 at 6:58 am
Paperst (0) (@Paperst) 7 years ago ago

hey thank you 

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