"You Are Here"

Ponysparkles (@Ponysparkles) 8 years, 2 months ago

I had this thought and wanted to share it:

Does it feel like your life is moving without pause while you sit in the background watching it pass by? Good. Acknowledge this as a life-changing moment. You’re no longer lost. You now know exactly where you have placed yourself in the map of your mind – the sidelines – and that big gold star off the margin is telling you that “YOU ARE HERE”, out of touch but still in sight.

At some point in your life, as many have and will, you took a detour. Sometimes getting sidetracked is forced and other times it’s welcome. Either way, it is your choice to see it as an adventure or a nuisance. This choice will influence anything and everything along the way. And nothing is more frustrating for the free spirit than knowing time was wasted on worrying about wasted time when it could have been spent making that time fulfilling.

Other times, you need the adventure, and you let curiosity and impulse take the wheel. Expecting nothing, you give value to everything. You are in control of your life because you have thwarted time! While the lives of others fly by, looks of anger and stress on their faces as they race fervently to their destination, you know you will get there eventually, so you enjoy the scenery a little longer before you’re back on your way. And there are times where you refuse to go back at all!

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the adventure of the detour that we get lost along the way. It’s important to remember your destination, otherwise the meaning of your surroundings will start to escape you. Endlessly we wander the same landscape until the bright sights are no longer so, and things that used to excite us become dull reminders of how things used to feel. We think of our struggles, of our attempts and failures, and rather than using these to empower ourselves, we instead feel that this is being forced on us by an external source.

This is what we call “Giving Up.” Letting the ego take control.

Giving up means death. If not of the body, death of the spirit. A body can live on, as life support has proven. But the mind, the mind is not confined to our bodies. We have the choice to give our minds life, give it the joy of seeing new things and save it the stress when going off track – teach and cherish your mind like you would a child, and it will take you places you’d have never thought of going! Children are special like that with their unbounded love for new things and wonderous sense of imagination. Maturity is overrated – maturity means discarding the probable for the possible. Where is the adventure in knowing all of the answers?

If You Are Here, there are two things you need to do to get back in the saddle.

First, stop focusing on where you think you should be compared to those around you. Though you may meet and know of people who share a common goal with you, it is also important to remember that they will have detours in their life that are important for their own personal growth, just as you will. Your detours will undoubtedly be different, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter, but you will reach the same goal eventually if it is truly the destination you want to reach.

Second, discard the things you do not value and keep faith in the things you cannot live without. That which you want, you THINK you want. That which you need, you KNOW you need. The rest is an adventure, but we’ve been taught from an early age that in order to win we must reach the end, and we must be first! But, instead, it is the sidetracked, head-in-the-clouds dreamer who values his opportunities to experience, and it is him who truly sees the glory in reaching his goal.

It is him who truly finds value in the life he has lived.

April 29, 2014 at 9:18 am
Ponysparkles (196) (@Ponysparkles) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

I originally wrote this to myself (I tend to be my own therapist in a way), but it crossed my mind that if this could possibly help someone else in their life, then why not share it? If you have any additions or if it inspires anything, I’d love to hear.

Carl (47) (@birdofprey) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

That’s a really good read pal, Kudos to you sir and thank you!

Ponysparkles (196) (@Ponysparkles) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

Thank YOU :)

Carl (47) (@birdofprey) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

That couldn’t have come at a better time, the amount of things that seemingly fell into place in the last few hours is incredible. All the stuff that SEEMED to have gone wrong over the past 6 months or so suddenly seems to make sense. The timing of this is honestly incredible seeing as I read this post this morning and am finishing my day back at this post. Not sure if I’m making sense, but once again thanks dude! Love and light to you my friend

Marlon (97) (@shoeopener) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

Wow. I’m impressed. You remind me of me! https://www.highexistence.com/topic/i-am-afraid/

GymnastHateHit (1) (@Corman8094) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

Very awesome thank you for sharing

stormy colt (80) (@Stormy-Colt) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

Beautiful my friend :)

Really needed to hear that. I’ve been on somewhat of a detour over the last couple of months, almost giving up on myself – but the past few days things have been changing for the better. Got a new job and things are beginning to look up again. I can tell that what you’ve written has come from your own experiential insight – from your heart. It shows, and it’s profound.

Kind of reminds me of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (Brilliant book if you haven’t read it yet). We all have our own personal legends, and once you figure out what that is, the universe will help you make it a reality. You just need to have faith in yourself, and know that you are exactly where you need to be in any present moment, ALWAYS. I want to write a lot more in this post but honestly I’m shattered, been awake for too long lol.

Peace :)

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