You have the power to create the life you want

 abrown15 (@abrown15)7 years, 8 months ago

“Get a job. Go to work. Get married. Have children. Follow fashion. Act normal. Walk on the pavement. Watch TV. Obey the law. Save for old age.
Now repeat after me:

Reading this struck a cord in me.
Being a junior in high school, you are forced to think about your job and what you want to do for the rest of your life. No pressure.
We are free. I know we are, we are just building mental walls inside of ourselves; we trapped ourselves. We believe we can never demolish this mindset. But we built these walls and thinking patterns, we have the blueprints for tearing it down.
Of course, some people might want a life similar to this. There is nothing wrong with this. The more I think about it… I don’t think this is all for me.
Being young, I want to live my life to the fullest and look back and realize the heck of a ride I had. Working in an office everyday, coming home to a suburban neighborhood with screaming kids to attend to, I’m not sure how appealing that sounds.
Of course, I never know what the future will hold for me. Maybe I’d love to have kids, I just want to look at different routes.
I want to analyze my life and follow my dreams. Break barriers. Not live the life I was taught to by society. Why should I do that? We need to enter our lives with passions burning in our hearts. It shouldn’t burn out.
One random day, I suddenly realized that I could do whatever I wanted in life. Who says I can’t row across the Pacific Ocean? Who says I can’t be a firefighter? Who says that I can’t explore the world and take pictures for National Geographic? Who says I can’t change the world, or be a musician, or be a renowned scientist? No one really, except ourselves. We always think our ways out of things. “I’m not talented enough…” “That’s crazy and sounds nearly impossible.” Don’t look back at your life and say, “what if…” It doesn’t matter how old you are, drop everything, and shoot for the life you always dreamed of. If you look at influential people today or in the past, Mother Theresa, Lindsey Stirling, Roz Savage, etc. they let no one stop them. They were criticized, but they achieved their goals and made history. I hear people excuse themselves by saying that he/she can’t do it. He/she isn’t good enough compared to other successful people. What if the successful people thought that to themselves? They would’ve never have created the influence and success they now have. We are no different from them.
Do. Not. Give. Up. Keep fighting for the life you want. No matter the odds, you only have one life so you need to create the best one yet.

“You go ahead and sit back in your comfortable chair and you be the critic, you be the observer, while the brave one gets in the ring and engages and gets bloody and gets dirty and fails over and over and over again, but yet isn’t afraid and isn’t timid and lives life in a bold way.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

Be the brave one, they’re the ones who are always remembered. You may be criticized because you’re not “normal”. But you will have the life to live for, and you will be truly happy. You will be remembered.
Be valiant, be confident, live the life you deserve because you’re worth it.

I really don’t know what I want to do with my life, but with this philosophy, I know it’ll be exciting and great.
I hope you do the same.

January 19, 2014 at 8:18 am
phanci3 (46) (@phanci3) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

Thank you for this.

abrown15 (0) (@abrown15) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

Work hard and find your passion, it’ll be hard but you’ll be happy.
“Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'”
Have fun on your journey.

Manimal (2,998) (@manimal) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

More than anything, people blame their surroundings. This is the worst kind of mental prison, because when you blame things other than yourself you’re tricking your ego into thinking it’s out of your reach, not in your power.

People who blame themselves often change and grow. People who blame other people and circumstances rarely -if ever- change or grow.

Most people are constantly looking for scapegoats and excuses, so they can keep on living their mundane lives and keep blaming. Because blaming is addictive, due to the ego’s structure.

People don’t wanna hear what you say, because that puts them in the spotlight, reveals to them that it was only themselves standing in their own way this whole time.
That’s painful to them.

They’d rather go on with their ignorance than face the truth.
They’d rather miss out on a life of joy and glory than miss out on a brief moment of fake, ignorant bliss.

Never let them fool you. You have the power, only you are standing in your way.
It’s you, and you know you better than you know anything else, collaborating with yourself is easy.

People think the higher way of life is so hard, but it’s really quite easy. It’s actually much simpler and more straightforward than the complicated bullshit lives people live today.

Keep it awesome.

Peace and love

abrown15 (0) (@abrown15) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

Yes that makes sense, I didn’t think of adding that in there. I used to do that a lot, and I hear of it a lot in school. If someone fails a test, it is automatically the teachers fault, even if they didn’t study. It is so easy to fail into that trap. Blaming others, it makes us feel a whole lot better. Even if we know it’s our fault. It takes bravery to realize that you are at fault. And there is nothing wrong with making mistakes, we’re just striving for perfection and can’t handle the fact that we messed up. Once you realize that you are powerful beyond limits, can achieve anything, it’s a scary realization. What can a person do with this information now? People often reject it. I understand how it can be hard, but we all have power that we need to accept. I would love to have people understand it, every person is equal and is worth it. People need to start loving themselves as well, maybe it would be easier.
But when I had this realization (about my limitless power to shape my life), dreams flooded my conscious. I couldn’t stop smiling because I felt so happy. People need to accept this fact and have this happen to them. We would all be such happy people if we rejected what society taught us and strive toward our own goals. Of course, it won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it. It’s so true that we stand in our own way, other people have a factor in it, but we get to decide who’s life we want to live. And it should be our own. Thank you for commenting on this, you have a very good outlook on life and you’re a vey intellectual person.


abrown15 (0) (@abrown15) 7 years, 8 months ago ago
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