Your story of challenging yourself?

angstrem (@angstrem) 8 years, 11 months ago

I read Timothy Ferris’ “4 hour workweek”, and I’ve tried to complete some of the challenges provided in the book. Currently, I’m stucked at the one where you have to go and ask attractive random strangers of the opposite sex to give their phone numbers. I’ve been trying to force myself to do that for about 2 days already, with no effect.

I thought, it might be useful for me to read about how other people challenged themselves in some matter. Do you have such a story? Can you post it? I would be very grateful!

September 8, 2013 at 8:40 am
Anonymous (2,654) (@) 8 years, 11 months ago ago

Go to a party alone and say to your friends you’re going alone and you don’t give a fuck. Someone will eventually come. Be polite to strangers like you’re in their own shoes to the point of not bothering them at all, because no one would want to be bothered by strangers that haven’t been in their shoes. Then make a bet with your friends that you’ll not only get the person’s contacts, but in less than 30 seconds. That’s easy. Then make a bet for 5 seconds. That’s easy too! But beware of the contacts, sometimes they’ll share their youtube channel you won’t have enough time for. Get fat just to prove that you can. Then get skinny just because it’s easy. More than 5 times. Write a love letter and embrace the embarrassment like you’re the only living human being believing that you’re true to your feelings that make you feel good. Hang out with your group of friends and explain to them why they’re not smart enough to feel stupid. Record yourself singing something you felt you should sing for someone else, then send it. Let your heart out. Do the things that will make you ask yourself: “Woah, I really did that?” and then conclude with “I’ve been so stupid, I must do this more often”. Be respectful and tolerate a group of show offs. Then, be a rockstar to their demeanor and show them the middle finger in a show off way. Tell the truth in public when it’s not considerate because of a collective cowardice and stand your ground. If you’re not afraid of being disliked, you’ll be respected. But then again, if you’re not afraid of being disliked, you won’t give a shit if you’re respected.

And don’t forget.

– How do you keep doing the same thing with the same enthusiasm?
– First off, you have to be a decent and empathetic person.

Kyle (27) (@kylerbbrowning) 8 years, 11 months ago ago

@angstrem, I climbed up the face of Table Mountain, without a rope or any climbing gear. in only shorts and thats it. From the ground it looks like an impossible feat (the word itself says ‘i’m possible’)

This was not intended as a challenge tho, i simply just wanted to get to the top a different way than the usual trek up the path, and my good friend suggested a different route, well not exactly a route…

Eventually we are more than half way up and the challenges revealed themselves, in forms of crazy extreme fear, as in one slip and well… there you go..forever, at least in this life time.

At one point, i was sitting on a baboons nest which was a small bed of thorny bush..which hurt, you may be wondering why i chose to sit on the thorn bush and not another part of the vast gigantic mountainous piece of matter…well that was all the space there was on that spot on the mountain side.
It was that moment in time when, bam!!! the fear started kicking in, holy fucking shit i’m on the edge of gut turningly high mountain, one wrong move i;m gone…
SO MANY thoughts went through my mind for a few minutes.
The main thought i remember was, man i just want damn a milkshake for crying in bucket, a nice bubblegum flavored milkshake.

That is ALL i wanted.
The simple things in life hey…

Fear like which you wrote about, are truly insignificant if you put yourself in more,”challenging environments” i promise with all my heart you will feel, what i’m writing about, when you do.

Sean (6) (@begood2) 8 years, 11 months ago ago

Asking for a numbers is too much to begin with. Start off with baby steps first.

Warm up by asking for directions, then ask move on to asking for recommedations e.g. is there a good restaurant/coffee shop around here? And practise your eye contact, body language and not letting your voice go up at the end of sentences.This will make you more comfortable and relaxed.

Then you can start improvisiing and being observational all the while getting better at having longer conversations. Then you’ll be asking for numbers in no time and they’ll be strong numbers. Remember being social is like a muscle. You have to work it out on a consistant basis to keep it strong. And like a muscle if you don’t work it out in a while it becomes flabby, less strong etc.

Also try affirmations and visualising everything going correctly to get in the right state of mind beforehand

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