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Stephen Fry Hates God

Stephen Fry getting asked what he would say to god if he met him.

Mind Reading Tech Reconstructs Movie From Brain Images

The movie on the left the subject viewed while in the magnet. The right clip shows the reconstruction from brain activity.

When Your Life Doesn’t Fit into a Story

All along you were supposed to choose your own adventure

Love Is A Drug?

Jason silva with a new short video on love and dopamine

Molecular Visualizations of DNA – The Stuff of Life

See DNA molecular visulizations in action. DNA is the blueprint for everything that makes you… you.

Brilliant Composition by John Butler

OCEAN - John Butler - 2012 Studio Version

A great equality speech

Haile Selassie, The First.

Society Trap – Joe Rogan

Society has drifted away from the concept of mutual relations for a mechanistic and unfair hierarchy.

8 Minutes of Deep Ocean Mysteries and Wonders

In the deepest, darkest parts of the oceans are ecosystems with more diversity than a tropical rainforest.

Gravity Glue 2014 – extended version

Stone Balance and Videography by Michael Grab random video clips recorded throughout 2014

With 10,000 Hours of Practice What Could You Achieve?

Record holder Lars Andersen: breaks every rule in the book to achieve a new level of archery.

The Morpho Butterfly will make you reconsider color

What does it mean to be blue? The wings of a Morpho butterfly are some of the most brilliant structures in nature.

Why Happiness is the New Productivity

In 2009 Vishen Lakhiani founder of Mind Valley was asked to speak at Engage Today in Calgary. His speech will inspire you.

Jack Nicholson accepts his award on the set of One Flew….

Greatest acceptance speech ever? Watch Jack Nicholson accept his Leading Actor award for his performance in The Last Detai