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13love..its not mixed or mastered. enjoy the natural sound

Earth Day Slogans

Watch the video of Earth Day Slogans. It’s our world, take care of it. Keep our Earth Clean and Green. To more Earth Day Slogans: To get...

LIQUID STRANGER – The Gargon (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from “Renegade Crusade EP”

Out now via Interchill Records: Video by Andy Thomas –...

Anthony De Mello – Wake Up! (How to be real) 1/4

Seminar with priest Anthony de Mello who explains how to be real. If you haven’t seen previous part you should probably check it firstly and return here. Basically it’s one big...


Written, narrated, shot and edited by Sarthak Karki. Soundtrack: Sundial by Buckethead (Album: A Real Diamond In The Rough) A Reflection of the Human Perception

Get Inspired – Best Inspirational Quotes

Here is a video I made of best inspirational quotes. Hope they inspire you. More at The music is a piece by Bach played on guitar. Video...

J Krishnamurti on Choiceless Awareness and Thought

Extract of dialogue between Jiddu Krishnamurti and Jean-Louis Dewez, at Brockwood Park, 1979 (English & French with corresponding English subtitles) For educational purposes only, no commercial...

Rob Beats Word Up [3/19/2014]

Biology of Belief – by Bruce Lipton (full documentary)

The Biology of Belief: An Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton From : May/ June 2005 BL: The new mechanism of evolution suggested by the new biology you describe in your book is one that consists of...

Excision, Downlink, Space Laces – Destroid 1. Raise Your Fist


Wizards only, fools.

Make sure you keep it tight.

How To Raise Your Vibrations-Powerful Meditation Music to Energise Chakras!

If you want to discover how to activate the inner power and want more of powerful and ancient healing meditation and music click the link to get instant access. Also subscribe...

Water Tetrahedron

another Vanarts assignment simulated and rendered using Houdini and composited in nuke audio added through after effects

Fire Tetrahedron

Vanarts work, Houdini pyro with a shape, composited in nuke