1.The REAL Cause of Bipolar Mania / Bipolar Disorder

http://bipolarorwakingup.com/ See the REAL cause of Bipolar Disorder, upgraded for 2010.

  • Dan (890) July 27, 2012


  • Natalie (1) July 29, 2012

    agreed. word.

  • Thomas (238) July 29, 2012

    This does an excellent job of summarizing what occurred to me several months ago. Except instead of losing a bunch of status symbols, I was thrown into psychosis from a malignant reaction to cannibis (probably laced with something, too). I never really could describe what exactly was a result of it but the part about the shattered ego really hits it dead on. Also, the rush of emotion and feeling when it occurred is exactly how he describes in the video. Great post.