A Spiritual Revolution is Coming

Rainn Wilson talks about the coming spiritual revolution that must happen in order for us to move forward as a human race.

  • Sandy (115) January 8, 2015

    I agree with the conclusion but not the premise. I think we do need a spiritual revolution, one that frees everyone from an “us vs. them” mentality, and recognizes that all people are part of something divine, even if our Earthly existence is fraught.

    But the I don’t think it’s currently all going to hell in a hand basket. When you read books like “The Better Angels of Our Nature” by Pinker about the decline of violence in human history, and “Abundance” by Diamandis about how we solve problems, look at progress on the UN Millennial Goals, the enormous progress on poverty in the past 20 years, our ability to feed a large percentage of 7 billion people – in the middle of a population explosion, the expansion of literacy, reduction in malaria, access to information and communication through cell phones. The progress in organizing and providing for humans through civilization has been remarkable. MOST of human history has been brutal, violent, and massively unequal, especially for women. The standard of human rights today (though obviously not always upheld) is positively enlightened. We are making progress. One example: it is considered a NATIONAL TRAGEDY in the US when one unarmed black citizen is killed by the police, as it should be. But 200 years ago, the wholesale enslavement of millions of people was considered a NORMAL, LEGAL aspect of BUSINESS.

    We have to mark our progress. It’s easy to get distracted by “if it bleeds it leads” 24-hour news, or fears of a conspiracy to harm us or take away something from us…because our brains are wired to react strongly to negative or dangerous information. But that is not objective reality. That is a distortion of the reality: that most people in most places are good, and are playing a constructive, beneficial role in society. Spend time with people, not fear mongers, and you’ll see that the world is a remarkable place. And that optimism also gives us energy and hope to continue to work toward making it better for everyone.