An Itch to Scratch the Earth

Philosopher, Alan Watts, states that we come out of this world, like a flower budding from a tree. Upon sprouting, the desire to examine our surroundings and stake claim of our experiences grow. Shot on a Bolex 16mm film camera and a Go Pro, we attempt to see our surroundings with a different perspective.

  • mac (190) November 25, 2013

    shot and edited by me. I’d love it if you all checked it out.

    • Scarlett Rainbow (0) November 26, 2013

      I loved watching that. :) what was the name of the musicians group?Thanks for sharing!

  • Josh (213) November 25, 2013

    Very cool dudes. Where was the body of water in Cali that yall jumped into?

  • mac (190) November 25, 2013

    Thanks for viewing! That was Lake Tahoe