CANCER is curable NOW (OFFICIAL TRAILER) “CANCER is curable NOW” is a feature length documentary which covers all aspects of holistic cancer treatments and the main causes of cancer. More than 30 Presenters, leading doctors in the field of holistic cancer treatments, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Scientists, Health Advocates, Psychologists share their knowledge with you how to prevent and reverse cancer.

  • Jake (198) July 16, 2012

    Do you have any evidence to substantiate these claims?

    • Bobby (190) July 16, 2012

      research gerson therapy.

      • Jake (198) July 18, 2012


        “Gerson described his approach in the book A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases. However, when Gerson’s claims were examined by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), they found that his records lacked the basic information necessary to systematically evaluate his claims.”

  • Elion (2,998) July 17, 2012

    There are several other cures for cancer too. And simply preventing it is even easier, just stay fucking healthy, ta-DAH!

    • JoinedP (2) July 17, 2012

      .. my grandma never drank or smoked a day in her life . She never used any processed food and ate a lot of fruit. Then one day she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was dead in one month. I think that not getting cancer is a little more complicated than then just staying healthy. . .