Chi Energy Amazing Footage

This is a repost of an exerpt of a series of documentarys by Lawrence Blair, called Ring of Fire; an Indonessian odyssey. the guys name is supposedly John Chang this is a must see documentary piece.

  • Kevin (188) April 2, 2012

    As amazing as this sounds, from a logical magicians point of view, i dont buy it.
    Theres a gimmic in world of magic easily capeable of most of these effects.

    And the diffrent colored smoke in the burning of the paper clearly shows a chemical reaction taking place. Maybe some sort of black powder charge with a little less oxidant to slow the reaction.

    It wasnt even the fact that these tricks can be explained that had me not buying it. Its the way he goes about explaining the effects, and covering his ass that got me. Classic misdirection and “ass covering” tactics.

    This is misleading however, because he mixes spirituality, chi, meditation, and cultural mysteriousness(all legit things) along with some solid effects in a very convincing presentation.

    Keep in mind though, Im not knocking any of the subjects mentioned in the video, just the legistics of how the effects were achieved.

  • Tammi (1) September 26, 2013

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  • Colin (27) February 7, 2015

    Doctor Greg Simpson isn’t a physicist. The college they say he went to is a medical school. Fact checking took 1 minute. This video isn’t reliable.