DMT, Sun Flares, Pineal Gland Activation

Solar Flare activity being linked to an opening of our 3rd eye. What year does the sun peak in activity? The secretion of dimethyltryptamine in the year 2012, if this is the case, could cause a massive spiritual awakening like never before seen here on this planet.

  • Nilo Cortex (25) June 25, 2012

    So, this is to say that the government wanted to keep us from such spiritual awakening by putting fluoride in the one substance we require to live. How would we go about obtain water that has yet to be “processed” with extra additives. And how can you “uncalcify” your pineal gland? in the event that this solar flare does happen and brings the planet to an awakening, how long has the government been preparing to keep us from experiencing this global awakening? I surely hope I get to be part of this awakening!