Drugs As Tools For Spirituality

“The program is a voyage chart, a series of signals, which, like the pilot’s radio provides the basic orienting information required for the “trip.”

  • hairytoes (1) January 13, 2015

    beautiful video

  • Inlighten (133) January 14, 2015


  • mdee63 (0) January 14, 2015

    Amazing, I want feel the journey :)

  • Sander Cohen (5) January 14, 2015

    This subject has arisen a lot lately. Perhaps there is a Renaissance of sorts happening.

    • Martijn Schirp (112,780)A January 16, 2015

      For sure, a much needed medicine for the soul has finally appeared. It is now up to us to build the infrastructure to spread the knowledge of the shamans and make it our own, local.

  • GuruKhan (135) January 15, 2015

    Strong message