Geoff Thompson on Harnessing the Power of Attention

In this video, Geoff talks about the only thing you need to work on…Attention

  • Liberator (3) September 1, 2015

    made my day.

  • Jaideep Sharma (3) September 2, 2015


  • martouk (66) September 3, 2015

    I found he was correct up until he started talking about shaping the egoic body. Shaping the ego will not advance one into higher level consciousness, it only amounts to retraining the ego and is little different than using affirmations to reshape the ego program. The ego program is the enemy within everyone and it is only through transcending the limited perceptions and insecurities of the ego that one can move into higher level conscious awareness. The ego will naturally deny these words, and that should illustrate to anyone how the ego seeks continual control over our minds. If you think you need your ego, it is only your ego deceiving you to maintain its control over your mind and working against your cognitive advancement.

    • Jon Brooks (4,460)A September 3, 2015

      You sound certain Martouk. How can you ever know this to be true?

      • martouk (66) September 6, 2015

        Living the experience daily, Jon, and watching the ego and how it operates in others virtually every day. There is a higher level of human cognition available but until recently, the people who attained this higher state of perceptual awareness and tried to teach it were misunderstood when they tried to explain it – Buddha, Jesus, Nietzsche & don Juan Matus – because they tried to relate what they realized through parables or philosophical renderings. In all circumstances with each of these people, the message was misunderstood because it was not related in simple vernacular that people today can understand, as such, their teachings appear to be mystical riddles or philosophical renderings. The Evolution of Consciousness series of books by Endall Beall brought all of these principles into modern language without philosophical or mystical allusions. These books fully explained what ‘enlightenment’ is without relying on any sense of the divine, mystical or supernatural to explain it. Beall relates in his books that the main reason that we can’t really understand most of these core teachings is because they were not understood by those who tried, yet failed to truly understand them, yet put it upon themselves to explain what they could not cognitively grasp. In other words, we are getting the messages in a tainted or corrupted form presented by followers who never understood the principles themselves, and in the cases of Buddha and Jesus, religions were formed around this profound lack of understanding. In essence, we are interpreting the teachings from one system of cognitive awareness that can’t yet grasp the other from an experiential standpoint which is why it seems mystical. The primary principles are explained in clear and concise language in Beall’s book Willful Evolution. Understanding the ego and how to escape its control is explained in depth in his book Demystifying the Mystical. In none of Beall’s books will one find any reliance on God, the divine, mysticism or supernatural explanations as they are wholly unnecessary to understand the principles. In my own humble opinion, I think every psychologist on the planet needs to read these books, for in truth, I think not a one of them truly understands what the ego truly is. Hope this helps.

        • Jon Brooks (4,460)A September 6, 2015

          Thank you Martouk! Is that your name? I’ll look into those books.

          I think Geoff uses his language loosely. I think “divine” is quite a loaded word, but it’s also powerful, i.e. “That is a divine piece of art.” I’ve listened to many of Geoff’s videos and he takes words from various religions and disciplines to try and create a description of his experiences that feel aligned to him. He feels that the word divine is appropriate, if he were to use someone else’s language then he wouldn’t be talking from a place of truth—his truth.

          • martouk (66) September 6, 2015

            No, it’s a screen name. I’m big on personal privacy. I don’t use it to be deceptive. Too many people screwing with private information these days to make it too easy for them. I also don’t use Facebook, Twitter and most of the social media stuff for the same privacy reasons.

            As for your comments on Geoff, I was not criticizing him on a personal level. Each person accepts information as their perceptions allow them to translate it. The bad thing about spiritual pursuits is that the arena has been captured by the sense of the divine and mystical. Few people have yet realized that this ensnaring of principles of spirit with divine innuendo was done with intent and it serves as a handicap on human cognitive advancement, keeping people ever pointing to such advancement as being reliant on an external force whether it is God, the divine or mysticism. As a species, we need to outgrow all of these external dependency syndromes, for that is what they are, dependency on the divine to explain what each of us has within ourselves without resorting to divine explanations.