Geoff Thompson on The Divine Economy

Do you want to know the enormous power of the Divine Economy? In this video Geoff discusses how it works and how you can learn to use it.

  • martouk (66) August 30, 2015

    Why do so many people buy into the necessity of the divine?

  • martouk (66) September 1, 2015

    Replying to Jon,

    Sorry, new to the site and I couldn’t get the reply to your response to work correctly.

    If you think about the word and concept of divinity, it is a concept of subservience. When one accepts the need for the divine, it elevates divinity above oneself. To give credence to the divine makes one automatically a second class consciousness to the principle of divinity. The entities who created the concept of divine used it as a form of egotistic bigotry that humans all too readily accept and therefore marginalize their own spiritual responsibility. My spirit self is no less valuable or subservient to any consciousness that segregates or elevates itself with the bigoted concept of divinity. No one advances into their own true spiritual power so long as they bend their knees at any altar of divinity. One can’t be spiritually self-reliant so long as they are subservient to any such concept of the divine. The video you have posted here is pushing serving the divine, and when one is a servant to anything they are not a free and unrestrained consciousness, they are simply servants. To advance into a state of higher cognitive awareness one has to take total responsibility for developing that free state of consciousness. There is no independence of spirit if one is dependent on the divine. I suggest you might want to read the book Willful Evolution by Endall Beall, and the subsequent volumes in what is called The Evolution of Consciousness series of books by the same author. I found these volumes on Amazon and they taught me about total spiritual self-reliance and personal spiritual cognitive advancement without any reliance on the ideologies of god, mysticism or divinity. Naturally, the choice is yours.